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Transfer of Contract from One Agency to Another

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Is it possible to transfer an existing/active contract from one agency to another?  If so, is there a specific procedure that applies? 

The scenario is that an existing contract is managed by Agency A, but benefits both Agency A and Agency B.  Agency B reimburses Agency A.  Now it is desired to have Agency B manage the contract that will continue to benefit both agencies and Agency B would be reimbursed by Agency A.

I have not started researching this topic yet, but wanted to see if anyone else has any knowledge or experience with this. 

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Possible help.......


FAR Part 17.5 and you may already be there if you have an agreement between the two agencies and as noted a simple delegation of the contract might work.

Do not forget about GFP if in the contract as there may be some hoops with regard to it.

Some agencies have specific authority with regard to delegations that might assist in the transfer.   Here is one example - https://www.fs.fed.us/servicefirst/docs/authority-expansion-mou-iaa-10nov15.pdf

Hope these help.


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