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There is no wrong answer, so I would pick one and give a reason for it.  I would probably select FAR 8.4 (GSA FSS) or 13 due to "simplified" nature of the procedures and the somewhat reduced administrative burden versus Part 15.  I would add that I'm comfortable working with all procedures and each has its own circumstances where it is appropriate for use.  

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I'm okay with Todd's answer, but I would probably say that I like Part 15 because of the training and correct principles that can be learned there -- as a professional, we need to know that Part 15 procedures (especially Subpart 15.3 in its entirety but also UCF) don't apply to schedule or IDIQ orders, but a good contracting officer will be comfortable in Part 15 as well as the other two mentioned here.  A contracting officer who has never learned Part 15 (especially Subpart 15.3 in its entirety but also UCF) is not a fully qualified contracting officer.  Don't paint a picture of being afraid of Part 15.

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4 hours ago, jeff4757 said:

"Which Part of the FAR do you prefer working out of- 8, 13, or 15?  And why?

I think that's a silly question - preference doesn't take precedence over policy which, in many cases, drives the use of FAR Part 8 (via 8.002 and 8.003) and FAR Part 13 (via 13.003(a)) over FAR Part 15.

If I were asked that question though I'd answer with whichever procedures best fit the acquisition at hand taking into account policy prescriptions, market research, personal/organizational competence, and any other acquisition situational impacts.  (I fully understand that doesn't answer the question directly, but so be it)

Just taking a guess here - if you're trying to assess an individual's competence regarding acquisition procedures, a better question to ask is something along the lines of "which acquisition procedures have you used or would be comfortable using?"

Lastly, if you're interviewing with DCMA, I'm not sure why you're focusing on contract formation - you should focus on studying/understanding contract administration.

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