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I am in need of an expert witness for a current litigation involving two firms involved in a dispute. Basically what is happening is that that the defendant is claiming that modifications to a contract are "New Projects" per the agreement between the defendant and the plaintiff, another private entity. The plaintiff is claiming that the modifications are the same scope as the current contract, since they are funding-only actions and that a new contract would need to be created. As such, the plaintiff claims modifications would need to be paid commissions, since the defendant has only paid commissions on the base year, and options on this FFP contract. This is part of the dispute for calculation of damages.

We are looking for someone who can provide testimony about how modifications work, having FPDS and government contracting expertise, and to help provide knowledge and expertise in these areas. 

Please let me know if you have recommendations or experience in this area, or if further information might be needed. 

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