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What authority do other agency's use for a CO to revoke a COR designation?

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The FAR at 1.602.2 explains how a CO appoints a COR and 1.604 states the COR will follow the letter of designation.  But I cannot find any regulations pertaining to the termination or revocation of a COR's designation.

My Executive Agency follows the FAR and has an internal directive that states: "a CO may revoke a CORs designation at any time."

The problem is the Program Office is arguing it cannot be unilateral.


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Anyone with authority to appoint someone to represent them can revoke that appointment.

Tell the program office to find nominate another person and send the termination of appointment letter forthwith.

Don't argue with them. Let them elevate it.

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The termination should be in writing and ensure it is acknowledged by the COR and COR management. And as Vern says the Program Office should nominate a replacement.  I would check your agency for a COR handbook. As an example DOD has a COR Handbook. The most recent version I can find is dated March 22, 2012. In Chapter 2 it has information on COR appointment and termination.  Here is the link:



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