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Best contract vehicle for cloud application, licensing and s/w?

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Federal Gov through policy is pushing agencies to use the cloud. This is especially advantageous for s/w development purposes.

To be able to use the cloud, agencies must first submit detailed applications to DISA identifying and certifying their capacity and ability to operate, manage and maintain applications on the cloud according to rigid specifications. Once approved, a resulting ATO (Authority To Operate) is provided by DISA along with requisite cloud licenses. 

My client, an defense contractor providing s/w services for over 10 years, has taken an existing DoD customer through this process successfully using the DoD compliant Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS has obtained approval for DoD compliant cloud services).

In doing so, my client has developed a replicable and defined process which includes the facilitation of the ATO application along with ongoing support and maintenance of cloud application services.  

Estimated duration of approval effort is 12-15 mos and total cost is between $100K-$200K.  Most agencies do not have the knowledge base, resources or bandwidth to attempt this on their own. My client would like to be able to provide these services (i.e. this process) on a "schedule-like" basis to other federal agencies (at least within the DoD for starters).

The question is-- What is the best vehicle to offer this service so that other agencies could procure it from my client? Preliminary research points towards GSA Schedule 70, SIN 132.40. Wondering if there are other more suitable vehicles, GWACS, MACS?

Also wondering about eBuy, Alliant or GSA Advantage?

P.S. Client is a small business not currently on GSA Schedule

Any insights greatly appreciated!

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