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I know that there are a few government construction contracts books out there, but wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion, or maybe experience using the available texts. Specifically I am interested texts expanding on areas where a solution or requirement is unique to construction and may help resolve a dispute. Thanks in advance.

Some of the resources I found.

Smith Currie and Hancock (by AGC)

Federal Government Construction Contracts (by ABA)

Federal Government Construction Contracts (Bastianelli)

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I suggest checking the primary clientele of your references to ensure that there isn't an industry bias in their writing. At any rate, I found the Nash and Cibinic series and Ralph Nash's subsequent collaborators to be great references with seemingly neutral points of view. The one that I have used the most is "Administration of Government Contracts". If you plan to regularly award and administer construction contracts, I'd advise you to subscribe to "Construction Claims Monthly". The Construction Law Library has an excellent collection of topics, such as "Calculating Construction Damages", with yearly supplements. There are books on Scheduling Claims, etc.

Definitely bookmark the Biards of Contract Appeals decision pages and review any for construction regularly. The Claim Courts , Fed Circuit Decisions, Appeals Court Decisions etc. are good fodder.

I'd start with "Administration of Government Contracts". I have owned four editions.

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