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Sales Amount Required to Qualify for VA FSS

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Can someone please verify "significant sales" according to the CSP-1 for an initial VA FSS award for supplies (one SIN)? Is it still $25,000 in government sales OR $150,000 commercial sales in the past year according to the solicitation? Note that I am not referring to the requirement after a FSS is awarded: $25,000 for 2 years, and 25,000 each year thereafter for a total of 5 years.

A little background..I own a CVE certified SDVOSB/EDWOSB company with approximately $115,000 in total supply sales in the past year. About $100,000 in military sales, and about $15,000 commercial sales. We also have a current IDC for up to $150,000 with the DLA. We have over 3 years as a supplier with a 99/100 performance score as a supplier through D&B and PPIPRS. In addition, we've been a services contractor for 15 years.

We have had a VA FSS proposal for medical supplies (65IIA/SIN A-45) that was submitted in July 2014 (15 months) and now ready for review with the CO.

The CO states that we cannot count our military sales, only commercial, but she is new and actually told us we needed $500,000 in sales last week and then called back and said she'd check with her Senior.

We are the only distributor of the products, and even have NSNs assigned. I know that we can have the manufacturer complete a CSP-1, but I believe we may already fulfill the sales requirement without it.

Has anything changed with this requirement? The CO is referring to the CSP-1 stating "sales to the general public" as commercial only.

I appreciate the assistance!


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