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Extension to POP on GSA Order - Areawide Public Utility Contract

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In looking for the communities advice, I present the following situation which has recently been presented to me:

We issued an order off of a GSA areawide public utility contractor for one year. The POP expired on 24 July and I was notified last week regarding the issue, as the utility company had submitted their invoice for a period that was not covered under our current order. Guidance received was to process a quantum meruit determination for the period without a "contract" and to issue a new order as quickly as possible. I don't have extensive experience with utility contracts, but the guidance provided to me from more than one individual, is that the contract is dead.

Additional Info: I work for USACE and many of our service contracts are funded with non expiring O&M funds, so they cross fiscal years. Funds were in place prior to the order passing the POP date.

I'm wondering, based on the experience of the community, if there are any alternate recommendations. Modification to extend the POP for a short period, until a new order can be issued? Others? I welcome any thoughts and can provide additional information as needed.

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