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Guest Vern Edwards

There is a wonderful rant in today's edition of The New York Times online.

"The Ashley Madison Hack Shows We're Too Dumb To Cheat," by Jennifer Weiner. An excerpt:

In the wake of Tuesday’s revelation that up to 15,000 of Ashley Madison’s would-be philanderers might work for the United States government or military, I want to add yet another [category of idiots}: “You are a government employee and you were too stupid to create a new email account when you registered on a website for cheaters.”


I have to admit to being astounded at what government personnel do and write on government computers.

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I'll be interested to see what investigations are started to linking emails to clearances - seems like a no-brainer revocation to me. I'll also be interested to see whether the DOD pursues all of those "bright bulbs" that registered with their .mil address - considering adultery could be prosecuted under Article 134 of the UCMJ. I guess the saying is true...you just can't fix stupid.

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