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Why are FACs still 2005-XX

I saw they were 1997- , then 2001- , and now 2005-

What is the driver here? When will the year change again, and why?

Sorry if this is stupid a stupid or ignorant question, I may have learned it at one time but have since forgotten and am now curious. Thx,

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In the past, when GSA published the FAR in hardcopy form, the text was periodically reset in order to eliminate page annotations of amendments and provide a fresh print edition. After each reset, FACs were numbered by reference to the new edition, e.g., FAC 2005-01, which number referred to the first FAC of the 2005 edition, and so forth. Earlier editions were published in 2001, 1997, 1990, and 1984. The 1984 edition went to FAC 84-60. The 1990 edition went to FAC 90-46. The 1997 edition went to FAC 97-26. The 2001 edition went to FAC 2001-27. We are now up to FAC 2005-81, which is the longest we have gone without a new edition.

GSA stopped publishing the FAR in hardcopy form in 2001. (I think that was the year.) Since then there hasn't really been a need for a new edition, since the FAR is updated online in real time. However, a pdf version is still available online that can be printed out, and it includes the page annotations of amendments. Presumably, GSA will have to do a reprint of the pdf version, but I'm not sure what they plan to do, if anything.

When I say "edition" above, I'm talking about the version produced by GSA. There is a new edition of the CFR version every October. Most people don't use the CFR version, they use the online version at Hill AFB or at acquisition.gov.

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