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Reps & Certs for Subcontrators (all suppliers) for Socio-economic data

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Guest Vern Edwards

There are many kinds of "certifications" and "representations."

There is no across-the-board $10,000 threshold pertaining to certs and reps. Where did you get that number? Some requirements for certs or reps do not set any dollar threshold.

There is no across-the-board requirement to flow down all certs and reps.

Prime contracts contain various FAR clauses that expressly require the prime contractor to obtain this or that cert or rep from certain prospective and actual subcontractors. See, e.g., 52.203-12(g), 52.215-12( b ), 52.222-50, 52.229-2( c ). There are some FAR solicitation provisions that do not expressly require a cert or rep, but that effectively require a prime to obtain a cert or rep from a prospective or actual subcontractor for its own protection. See e.g., 52.222-48( b ).

In some cases, as part of an agreement between the government and the prime, FAR requires a CO to require a prime certify that it has obtained this or that certification from subcontractors, regardless of the dollar value of the subcontract. See e.g., 49.603-1( b )(2).

In some cases a clause prescribes the text of the certification or representation. See e.g., 52.229-2(e). But I do not know of any format requirement that would prevent a prime from obtaining a cert or rep on a form of its own design and naming, as long as the prime has complied with any requirement as to the wording of the cert or rep.

Your post shows signs of haste. It is poorly written and difficult to understand in places. Take your time when writing the next one. Write clearly, as if your reputation depends on it. It does.

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