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ron vogt

online DFARS error

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There appears to be an error in the online version of the DFARS at http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/dars/dfars/html/current/225_0.htm

The online version of 225.003 states, in the definition of a qualifying country:

Accordingly, the following are qualifying countries: United States. The following are qualifying countries:





The odd wording makes it look like a coding or a cut-and-paste error.

Nevertheless, this is a serious error. The United States is NOT a qualifying country. For example, in the exception at 252.225-7009( c)(4) of the specialty metals clause, it could lead contractors to believe that their product is compliant by being manufactured in the US, whereas only a product manufactured in a qualifying country is eligible for the exception.

This error is not repeated in the pdf or Word version, so it is likely only in the html version. You might want to check with your suppliers and your own production processes to make sure they are not relying on this. I have already come across one supplier that was.

I have sent an email to DPAP, so I hope this will be corrected soon.

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As of today (14 October 2014), the DPAP website's version of DFARS 225.003 has been corrected. For my own edification, I checked the FARSite's version of DFARS 225.003, and it is correct as well.

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