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I work for a federal agency and need to establish a few BPAs for lab services.

I found several small businesses and one university that can perform these services.

For one specific analysis that is often required, the client believes the university does the service best.

Q: Does anyone know if I am prohibited from establishing a BPA with a university?

The university is in Sam.Gov as a "state entity" and they have competitive pricing.

I understand that I cannot consider them under a small business goal. But, other than that, I can't find anything that actually prohibits me from making one of these BPAs with this university.

I am calling out to the community for assistance since I have not established a BPA in ages.

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Guest Vern Edwards

I assume that the question is about BPAs under FAR Part 13.

FAR Part 31 has absolutely nothing to do with BPAs. BPAs are nothing but billing agreements for simplified acquisitions. That's it. They're charge accounts. They're not like IDIQ contracts. If you order something under a BPA, the contractor bills you monthly, instead of per order.

As Don said, there is no prohibition against establishing a BPA with a university.

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