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Guest Vern Edwards
Vern, in one of your earlier posts you wrote: "...your question was so thoughtless that it was worthy of ridicule..."
What I did was tell you the truth.


Don Mansfield just explained to me on the phone that what you are trying to say is that I'm paying a lot of attention to a question I said was ridiculous. Actually, I'm paying attention to the clarified question. See jwomack's Post #11. I would never have bothered with his original question. And I'm trying to make up for making him feel badly by giving his revised question serious consideration. Do you think I shouldn't?

So... is that the "truth" you say you told me? That I'm paying attention to the question even though I said it was ridiculous? It took you all afternoon to come up with that? Well, if that's it... OK, I'm guilty. I'll go to confession on Saturday. Mea culpa.

August, Patronis jwomack. Do you have something intelligent to say about jwomack's topic? If so, I'm interested.

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