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Good morning,

I am new to WIFCON and managing my company's first prime contract, which is CPFF for engineering products & services.

We added a new subcontractor not part of the original bid, and our FFP subcontract was approved by our ACO. In our original cost proposal we bid using our G&A as a pass-through/contract administration fee, which was accepted by the government. We have now switched to a material/subcontractor handling fee for material purchases, vendors, consultants, etc. G&A is applied only to this fee instead of the whole subcontractor price, which lowers the overall amount of pass-through. We do have program management and contract administration pieces to managing the work of the subcontractor.

What can I charge as a pass-through fee -- the bid G&A, the current/actual G&A, or the material/G&A mix? (or another option?) The material/G&A mix would be the lowest cost to the government.

Also, if current/actual G&A should be applied, do I need to re-calculate that and re-determine pass-through for each invoice or can I determine it now and use it for the length of the subcontract?

Thank you for your help!



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Is your company a small business?

Is your contract CAS-covered?

Did you notify your CO about the change to your indirect rate structure? Were you required to notify the CO about the change?

Are you calculated your indirect cost rates on a Year to Date (YTD) basis? If not, what is the basis?

Are you tracking your expenditures against the Limitation of Cost/Limitation of Funds clause (as applicable) in your contract?

Are you tracking an Estimate at Completion (EAC) for the contract? If so, is that a contractual requirement?

Basically and speaking for myself, I need more info in order to answer your question(s).


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