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I am researching how to contract with state and local governmental agencies.

FAR subpart 17.5 addresses Interagency Agreement but this refers to Federal Agencies.

I have reviewed The Economy Act, 31 U.S.C. 1535 and Office of Federal Procurement Policy guidance, Interagency Acquisitions.

None of these talks to my subject topic.

Do we treat a State or Local government agency as if these were contractors, using purchase orders to obtain what we require from the agency or do we use interagency agreements?

Does anyone have reference sites wih regard tp this topic?

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Guest Vern Edwards

You treat them as if they were private firms, except for some special rules with regard to cost principles and clause applicability. You do not need a "reference site" or any special treatise. If FAR prescribes no special rules, then there are no special rules.

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