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Authorized Resellers, Small Business Credit and GSA Sked 70

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Background is we have a DoD client which prefers to execute GSA Contract Schedule 70 orders for Small Business Credit if possible.

My firm which is a large business software manufacturer has a GSA Schedule 70 with authorized resellers, some of which are small businesses.

From my studying the FAR, it appears that our DoD client would not be able receive a small business credit as the order to one of our small business partners would reference our Schedule number.

Since the task order would be for annual software maintenance, I don't believe a CTA is proper as we will providing the maintenance.

Am I correct that our client would, under the circumstances above, not be able to received small business credit?

Thanks in advance.

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FAR 8.405-5 b states that "Orders placed against Schedule contracts can be credited toward the ordering activity's small business goals.” Socioeconomic credit for a prime contractor always goes to the funding agency.

GSA also addresses this question - "How do set-asides apply to Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs)? For example, if an order is set-aside for small business, do all members of the CTA have to be small to be eligible for that order or can only the team lead be small? - - All members of the CTA have to be small (or whatever sub-set the order is set-aside for) to be eligible for that order."

Link to GSA FAQ’s http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/102271#27

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