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52.215-6, Place of Performance, and SAM

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Contractor is completing reps and certs in which the government has included 52.215-6 (see below.)

The government has specified the place of performance is "Foreign Country" (an actual country is specified.)

The government has also specified that contractor may acquire office space for performance of the contract as part of its responsibilities under the contract, or the contractor may perform the services at the contract beneficiaries' location.

Contractor has offices in "Foreign Country" and "US HQ."

Contractor has shown the office name of "US HQ" in its proposal.

Contractor intends to manage provision of the services in the acquired office space from Contractor's offices in HQ and Foreign Country.

The above facts are true for ALL of contractor's contracts.

1 Does Contractor have to show the office address in "Foreign Country" in the clause below?

2 When Contractor is filling out this SAM question, is the answer "yes" or "no."

Does YOUR COMPANY have other plants/facilities at different addresses routinely used to perform on contracts? (FAR 52.214-14, <a href="https://www.acquisition.gov/far/current/html/52_215.html#wp1144523" target="_blank"> FAR 52.215-6 )

Contractor believes that the answer to both above questions is "no," because the contractor is not actually uisng the HQ or the Foreign Country office to perform the work: the work is simply being directed from that office.

52.215–6 Place of Performance.

As prescribed in 15.209(f), insert the

following provision:


(a) The offeror or respondent, in the performance

of any contract resulting from this


b intends, b does not intend


check applicable block] to use one or more

plants or facilities located at a different address

from the address of the offeror or respondent

as indicated in this proposal or response

to request for information.

(B) If the offeror or respondent checks ‘‘intends’’

in paragraph (a) of this provision, it

shall insert in the following spaces the required


Place of Performance

Name and Address of Owner and Operator of the Plant or

Facility if Other than Offeror or Respondent

(Street Address, City, State, County, Zipcode)

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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Based on this from FAR 15.209(f) (see below) I might ask the CO to remove the particular provision from the reps and certs.

(f) The contracting officer shall insert the provision at 52.215-6, Place of Performance, in solicitations unless the place of performance is specified by the Government.

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