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Scenario: A CO/KO issues two separate FFP delivery orders for supplies to be delivered within 30-days from time of award. One delivery order is awarded for $100k. The other is $160k. Contractor delivers supplies within 30-day timeframe. Supplies are inspected, and accepted by Government. Contractor submits two invoices 30-days after Government accepts supplies, one for $100k, the other for $160k. Government renders payment within allowable timeframe for full amount of each invoice.

Question: Does the office administering the contract, ordering agency in this case, follow the time standards in FAR 4.804-1 for closing out the two FFP orders issued against the vendors GSA FSS Contract? If so, what time standard is applicable (i.e. [a][1], [a][2], [a][3], [a][4], or neither)? If neither, what time standard would be applicable, and why?

My Thought: Follow time standards in Federal Acquisition Regulation 4.804-1[a][2]:

Files for firm-fixed-price contracts, other than those using simplified acquisition procedures, should be closed within 6 months after the date on which the contracting officer receives evidence of physical completion.


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:unsure: .....50+ views and no responses yet. Either, 1) People think my question is idiotic. 2) People think I'm idiotic for asking the question. 3) People are just as clueless as I. 4) No one cares. 5) Other.

So, which is it WIFCONers? I really do want to know the answer. Please don't make me hit the infamous "search" button. :P

[Climbs into flame suite]

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