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Just read something funny and don’t know where to post it here.  HHS organizationally elevated an office to an operating division.  It’s called Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and has same status as CDC and FDA.  I wonder if any old timers will raise an eyebrow when ASPR is first mentioned?

For all you youngsters, ASPR (Armed Services Procurement Regulations) preceded the FAR for DoD. 

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3 hours ago, formerfed said:

I wonder if any old timers will raise an eyebrow when ASPR is first mentioned?

First mention of the Armed Services Procurement Regulation (ASPR) in the Federal Register was on June 9, 1948, 13 Fed. Reg. 3065, which stated that the regulation "became effective on May 19, 1948."

First mention in the Code of Federal Regulations was in the 1949 edition:

Title 32, National Defense

     Subtitle B, Regulations of the National Military Establishment

          Chapter IV, Joint Regulations of the Armed Forces

               Subchapter A, Armed Services Procurement Regulation

See the American Bar Association Journal, 34 ABAJ 603, 604 (1948):


Armed Services Procurement Regulation, Secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force, May 19, 1948. (Digested in 16 U. S. Law Week 2560, May 25, 1948.)

The Armed Services Procurement Regulation establishes for the Army, Navy and Air Force Departments uniform policies relating to the procurement of supplies and services under the authority of the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947. This regulation, of which the first three sections have been published, became effective on May 19, 1948, and applies to all subsequent purchases and contracts which obligate appropriated funds. It is inapplicable, however, to any contract formalizing a preliminary contractual agreement made prior to May 19, 1948, or to any amendment of a contract made prior to that date, except where an amendment provides for the new or additional procurement of supplies or services.


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