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DFAR 252.225-7993 and identifying the enemy

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DFAR 252.225-7993 is promulgated pursuant to NDAA FY 2012 Sec. 841, which required DOD to, among other things, issue regs

. . .

A) to restrict the award of Department of Defense contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements that the head of the contracting activity determines in writing would provide funding directly or indirectly to a person or entity that has been identified by the Commander of the United States Central Command as actively supporting an insurgency or otherwise actively opposing United States or coalition forces in a contingency operation in the United States Central Command theater of operations;

(underline added.)

Does anyone know how the identification process will work? Will there be a published list that contractors and subcontractors can reference in order to conduct the due dligence required under the Act and the regs?


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I contacted the POC, who replied with the following message:

"The USCENTCOM is currently working to establish the processes for enemy identification and notifying HCAs of such identification."

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