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From a 7/27/11 email. Used to get lots, but none since this one. Maybe you can find a better link from this one.

The Naval Sea Logistics Center, Detachment Portsmouth is pleased to present

a series of one-day training seminars on the use of the Contractor

Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). The seminars will cover

the CPARS module of the system, which is used to assess contractor

performance on contracts for systems, services, operations support, and

information technology. The training seminars will be offered on August 23, 24, and 25, 2011 at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD. The CPARS training seminars are open to all attendees free of charge. Please visit http://www.cpars.gov/allapps/cpartrng/CPAR...thesdaAug11.htm for additional information or to register for the training.

As space is limited, please register by August 17, 2011.

You will be notified of additional CPARS seminars via email as they become available. Online training is also available at the CPARS web site.

CPARS has been designated as the Federal solution for reporting of contractor performance information. Whether you are new to CPARS or are looking to expand your knowledge of the program, the CPARS training seminar offers an exceptional learning opportunity. Benefits of the program include facilitating government-contractor communication, motivating improved contractor performance, and preparing contractor report cards to be used in support of Government source selections. Topics to be covered during the seminar include CPARS policy, workflow process, automation, new features, and helpful hints for using the system. Both Government and Industry personnel are strongly encouraged to attend. Please note that this training covers the CPARS module only. The Architect-Engineer Contract

Administration Support System (ACASS) and Construction Contractor Appraisal

Support System (CCASS) modules (covering contracts for architect-engineer

and construction) are addressed in separate training.

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I've not been successful finding any training modules anywhere to assist me in becoming familiar with entering past performance data and understanding the rules and ramifications.

If anyone is aware of anything current, please advise.

Thank you.

Bob - Give him my e-mail address and I can send him the PowerPoint presentation that the Navy uses to teach CPARS, ACASS and CCASS.

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