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Hello WIFCON World,


1. Does anyone here work for an agency that provides their COR (or COTR) with a separate Pre-Award check list, letter, etc. prior to formally designating him/her as a COR (or COTR)? If so, can you provide me a sample? If not a separate check list or letter, do you include pre-award responsibilities within your customary 'post-award' COTR Designation Memorandum?

2. During what phase (e.g. Acq. Planning, Solicitation, etc.) of your acquisition do you provide this information, if at all?

Background - FAC 2005-50; FAR Case 2008-030; Item 1

This FAC publication added several things. As you may be aware, FAR Subpart 7.104(e) adds a requirement for a COR to be nominated, and designated and authorized by the CO, "as early as practicable int he acquisition process." Since this language appears in the Acquisition Planning" Part of the FAR, I pressume the intent is to meet this requirement during this phase of the acquisition process, "if practicable."

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Guest carl r culham


1. I have never seen a COR/COTR pre-award checklist for the many agencies I have worked with (7). Most have a handbook or the like that discusses in detail the COR/COTR responsibilities. I have found that some imply activities pre-award and even before an individual might be formally designated as COR/COTR. By experience this is because many COR/COTR?s are usually the program person that is responsible for preparing a requirements document, requisition, etc. so the natural progression is that they then become officially designated sometime during the process they are involved in. As implied by your post it is my view that there is current emphasis to delegate a COR/COTR earlier in the process.

Here are two references that might help you but again they are not specific checklists. I am sure a Goggle will find you much, much more and maybe turn- up a specific checklist ?

http://www1.va.gov/oamm/_bf/oa/cotrhndbk.pdf - A VA COTR Handbook from one of its units

http://www.fai.gov/pdfs/corbluebook.pdf An FAI document regarding COR/COTRs ? Note the Duties expressed from FAI?s point of view that gets close to being a checklist of sorts.

2. As to when is a COR/COTR provided information about their responsibilities. Not to sound flippant but when the CO decides to give them the info. I will offer that the current emphasis for COR/COTRs to be FAC-COTR certified through specific training is an attempt to make a COR/COTR aware of their duties even before they become formally delegated authority. Or in other words no FAC-COTR certification, then they cannot be a COR/COTR or at least that is the guidance from OMB-OFPP and again supported by FAI on the civilian side.

http://www.fai.gov/certification/techrep.asp - FAI website on FAC-COTR

http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/fi...mo/fac-cotr.pdf - OFPP Letter on


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Guest Vern Edwards

A pre-award checklist might include:

1. Review the final SOW for completeness, clarity, and consistency.

2. Read the contract clauses in the solicitation and review them with the CO.

3. Develop a quality assurance surveillance plan, including a schedule of inspections.

4. Develop written inspection procedures and review them with the CO.

5. Develop invoice review and approval procedures and review them with the CO.

6. Establish a correspondence file.

7. Set up a telephone log.

8. Set up the COR/COTR's daily diary and review the procedures for making entries with the CO.

9. Read the source selection plan.

10. Review the source selection procedures.

11. Review and sign any required nondisclosure agreement and conflict-of-interest statement.

12. Review the COR/COTR appontment letter with the CO and obtain any needed clarification of authority.

I'm sure that others at Wifcon can add some items.

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