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Found 10 results

  1. We were issued a sole source RFP and the box on the SF-33 for Type of Solicitation is checked Negotiated. Is there any possible way for the PCO to make an award unilaterally without negotiations? There is no language in the RFP about discussions (FAR 15.306).
  2. Does Competition Exist if there is a single manufacturer of a product; but you receive quotes for the product from two or more distributors? I have gotten into some heated arguments about this issue. I don't consider buying from multiple distributors a competitive purchase since there is only a single manufacturer. I would appreciate hearing your view.
  3. All, Would anyone have a presentation on the need and purpose of competition that morphs into the exceptions for sole source? I am the Competition Advocate and was asked to train a group on how to best write sole source letters. I told them that they should not be writing a lot of sole source letters in the first place but I would present on obtaining competition, why we have to do it, why we should do it, etc. Then go into a "but if you must sole source, here are the rules. I can put it together myself but would love to save a bunch of manhours if someone has one already that I can edit.
  4. My office intends to award a contract on a limited sources basis using FAR 6.302 2 Unusual and Compelling Urgency. There is no question as to whether the requirement meets the Unusual and Compelling Urgency standard, which will allow us to limit sources. However, I am unsure as to how much latitude FAR 6.302 2 affords contracting officers in how we actually go about restricting sources and precluding firms from participating in acquisitions. We currently have a shortlist of ten companies that were identified as viable sources. Each of these sources was selected to compete based on our initial assessments of their capabilities and expertise. However, these assessments were anecdotal in their nature and based more on conjecture rather than substantive evidence. The assessments also presume that the ten firms possess the capabilities and expertise that are superior to that of the other precluded firms, which may or may not be true. We advertised a request for information, but we didn’t notify industry that we would potentially use the findings of that request to restrict competition based on capabilities. One could almost argue that we conducted a pseudo-technical evaluation that unfairly prejudiced contractors that did not respond to the request and or were unaware of the Government’s intentions. However, we are also considering an alternative approach focused more on practicality with consideration to the urgent need for these services. In our market research, we have identified one firm that is uniquely situated to provide the services. However, that is questionable also. One could make a reasonable argument that other firms may also be uniquely suited to address the requirement in their own way. However, under this approach, we wouldn’t have actually precluded other sources under the presumption of not being qualified. Instead, this approach is based more on promoting the reasonable economy and efficiency warranted by the unusual and compelling urgency of the requirement. The need is of such compelling urgency that we could not justify competing the effort when we have a proven source that is postured to immediately engage the requirement. In this situation, one could also make the argument that our determination appears to be arbitrary or capricious in its nature. (Bear in mind that there is minimal performance risk for the requirement and the price reasonableness/best value standard can easily be met for either approach.) Question: How much latitude does the Government have in choosing either of these approaches? One perspective assumes that we are protected by the 6.302-2 standard and the manner in which we restrict competition is irrelevant as long as we promote competition to the maximum extent practicable (very subjective standard). This implies that either approach is viable. Is there any GAO case law or standard beyond those discussed in the FAR that might help bring some clarity to this situation?
  5. Fear & Loathing in Contracting

    Anyone familiar with Alpha Contracting?

    I am pretty involved with several Alpha Contracting efforts here at Department of Army. Anyone else out there ever involved in Alpha Contracting? Thoughts? Observations? Good experiences? Bad Experiences? Would love to have anyone's 2 cents on the topic.
  6. An offeror for a sole source non-commercial supply contract has taken the position that adequate price competition is applicable and the Government should only require price analysis for evlauation of their proposal and Cost or Pricing Data should not be required. The offeror has referenced FAR 15.403-1(c )(1)(iii) indicating that the supplies sold to other Government entities represents adequate price competition. The offeror goes on to state FAR 15.403-1(c ) includes the term "or" and therefore not all three subparts are required to determine adequate price competition. The question is whether this position has validity or not. It is currently the Government's position that Cost or Pricing Data is required and the exception does not apply. Reference: FAR 15.403-1(c )(1)(iii) states, "Price analysis clearly demonstrates that the proposed price is reasonable in comparison with current or recent prices for the same or similar items, adjusted to reflect changes in market conditions, economic conditions, quantities, or terms and conditions under contracts that resulted from adequate price competition."
  7. 1. Have a Purchase Request for an Open Market, Fixed Price, On-Line Legal Subscription Service over the SAT (approx $2.5M); Base Year with 4 Option Years. Period of Performance to start end of September, 2013 2. Program Office wants to Sole Source (we have a previous contract with the present vendor which is due to expire and the Program Office wants to keep them). 3. There is another potential vendor that knows about this pending requirement, but the Program Office said they had a few bad past experiences with them on other procurments and do not want to use them. I have checked the FAR over and over again trying to site some clauses for the sole source justification, posting requirements (publicizing as a Notice of Intent), JOFOC and other than full and open competition. Some parts of the FAR I have been reading are: FAR 5.401 FAR 6.303-1 FAR 6.302 FAR 15.603 What do I actually need as far as documentation and posting requirements? Thank you in advance!
  8. I work for a contractor and we received a solicitation from our Government Customer. We're the incumbent contractor and we're trying to determine if the solicitation is competitive or sole source. I've read FAR Subpart 6.3 Other Than Full and Open Competition to see if there's a requirement by the Government to notify the contractor within the RFP, but this section explains the procedure the Contracting Officer needs to take in order to award a Sole Source contract. Is there an acquisition requirement that for Government Contracting Officers need to mention in the RFP if its competitive or sole source? Thanks. Thanks SNATSMC
  9. Does the multiple award preference at FAR 16.504 apply to sole source awards pursuant to FAR Subpart 19.8? My contracting office has been requested to issue a solicitation sole source to an 8(a) firm for a single award IDIQ services contract. I know that authority for sole source contracts is found at FAR 6.302-5(b )(4) and FAR Subpart 19.8. However, my reading is that for IDIQ contracts, FAR 16.504 still applies. Hence the multiple award preference described FAR 16.504( c) would still apply and as such, in order to pursue a single award IDIQ, the Contracting Officer would have to document the file with a determination that a single award is most appropriate, giving consideration to the content provided at FAR 16.504( c)(1)(ii). The requirements are not for manufacturing, will not exceed $4M total, and are not for advisory and assistance services. My inclination is to push for a competitive procurement, perhaps an 8(a) or other small business set-aside if the market research supports it.
  10. TOPIC: Purchase Order under GSA FSS Contract: Open Market Items BACKGROUND: The primary item (camera) which has a cost of roughly $94,000 is exclusive to a particular manufacturer, and this is justified using a limited source justification. However, there are several items for this requirement not on the GSA FSS of the company which offers the camera. The total cost of these incidental items (lenses) is roughly $14,900.00. Initially it was thought that all the required items were on the GSA Schedule, which would have allowed for a sole GSA Contract Buy. However, after conducting additional research, it was determined that the required lenses for this camera (CANON) are not on the GSA Schedule, however the company is working on getting the lenses on the schedule at some point in the future. I am aware of FAR 8.402(f). As a fairly new contract specialist, I am still somewhat confused as to what additional administrative procedures are required for the addition of these open market items under the current GSA Contract. As I mentioned previously, the projected amount indicated through a previous quotation is $14,900.00 for the lenses. I am planning to provide additional justification which warrants the inclusion of these lenses, as incidental items critical to achieving the SOW in the required timeframe without additional costs. I need to know of any additional contracting procedures and references that should be relied upon for this specific procurement situation? Being that these open market items are quite low in value, I'm unsure of what additional contracting requirements apply in order to effectively place them under the GSA Contract with the exclusive camera. Any information you can provide in regard to this issue is greatly appreciated and will be researched further. NOTE: The open market items will be clearly marked on the contract and quotation as open market items. All responses welcomed in regard to this topic. Thanks, -Pete-