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Found 3 results

  1. I'd be interested to know how Operational DoD offices have been handling the surveillance requirements for construction contracts. Under FAR 46.4, - Quality assurance surveillance plans should be prepared in conjunction with the preparation of the statement of work. Under DFARS 246-401 - For contracts for services, the contracting officer should prepare a quality assurance surveillance plan to facilitate assessment of contractor performance, see 237.172. ... (this seems to imply FAR 37 Service contracting - does FAR 37 Service contracting include construction? Under Subpart 37.3 - it discusses Demolition and Construction Wage Rates - it seems the argument on whether Construction contracting can be considered a Service is becoming more obscure, instead of clear). DoDi 5000.72 - Table 2 (Minimum requirements for Types A, B, and C training are described in Tables 2, 3, and 4, respectively.) infers that a Surveillance Plan is required. Perform technical and administrative contract surveillance and reporting responsibilities in accordance with the letter of designation and surveillance plan. However in DoDi 5000.72 - Table 1 it suggests a QASP only under performance-based services (not mentioning a QASP anywhere else in the DoDi). 24. For a performance-based services contract, order, or agreement, perform on-site surveillance in accordance with the QASP Otherwise, the DoDi is silent on surveillance. Does this mean the agency should determine their own surveillance requirements for construction? There doesn't seem to be anything written that says we shouldn't build a QASP in conjunction with construction Statement of Works. But for those that do construction contracting, it seems redundant to do so. In fact, the entire COR designation requirement for construction seems redundant since the majority of Program Managers already perform inspection (blue books, daily inspection logs, etc IAW with their own internal Civil Engineering procedures... which are ultimately handed over to contracting as part of the close-out file). How do your office handle surveillance?
  2. I recently perused the U.S. Commerce OIG report entitled "The Department’s Awarding and Administering of Time-and Materials and Labor-Hours Contracts Needs Improvement". See link below, if interested. One of the findings was that the Program Office failed to provide proper oversight of work completed under T&M tasks. Are there any sample QASPs out there for T&M work that anyone here would recommend? http://www.oig.doc.gov/OIGPublications/OIG-14-001-A.pdf Thank you in advance!
  3. QUESTION: Does a QASP have to be included in the solicitation? I ask this because an experienced CO with more than two decades under his belt told me that there is no requirement in the FAR or anywhere else for the CO to include the QASP in the solicitation or in the awarded contract. I find this strange. So I was looking in Nash and Cibinic's "Contract Administration" book on the chapter on Quality Assurance/Inspection. They cited FAR 46.201. BTW, FAR PART 46 is all about "Quality Assurance" in general. At FAR 46.201(a), Contract Quality Requirements, it states, "The CO SHALL include in the solicitation and contract the appropriate quality requirements. The type and extent of contract quality requirements needed depends on the particular acquisition and may range from INSPECTION AT TIME OF ACCEPTANCE to a requirement for the contractor's implementation of a comprehensive program for controlling quality . . . " Would a QASP meet the definition of "the appropriate quality requirements" as used in FAR 46.201? If so, doesn't that mean then, that FAR 46.201 is saying the QASP shall be "included" in the solicitation/contract?
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