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Found 2 results

  1. The threshold for DoD will become $5,000, assuming the 2017 NDAA is signed into law and the DFARS is revised. Would be even more beneficial if they did the same to the service contract labor standards and construction wage rate requirements statutes (SCA/DB) thresholds. Sec. 821 https://www.congress.gov/congressional-report/114th-congress/house-report/840/1
  2. Interesting article on GovExec. The article incorrectly states the current threshold as $3,000. Also, the person who wrote article said “acquiring more-expensive goods and services”. The thresholds for services and construction won’t change unless Congress also revises the Service Contract Labor Standards and Wage Rate Requirements (Construction) statutes. Even if Congress did not want to increase threshold for purchase card transactions, they should still change it for actions taken by a CO. http://www.govexec.com/contracting/2016/05/pentagon-wants-raise-purchase-card-maximum-10000/127965/?oref=govexec_today_nl