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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All: I have an Contractor under an AE IDIQ that is asking if they could add two subcontractors to the list of agreed upon subs. FAR 52.244-2 Subcontractors and Outside Associates and Consultants states that the Contractor shall obtain CO consent before making any substitution for the subcontractors, associates, or consultants that were agreed to during negotiations. However, I feel this doesn't cover adding additional subs. Can anyone point me in the direction of more information regarding this matter? Thanks!
  2. Who owns possession of the contruction site of a full building renovation? Senario: The A&E left a piece of equiptment off the drawings for salvage and was partially demoed by the construction contractor. The Government informed the contractor that this piece of equoptment was to stay and be reinstalled once the building was complete. The item stayed in the building for over one year and is now missing. Who is at fault. The Governmnet placed original fault on the A&E firm for the inaccurracy in the drawings. However, once a decision was made to salvage the equiptment and it had been in the building for one year and the construction contractor was made aware it is not his responsibility to make sure the item was salvaged and kept safe. A proposal was recieved to replace the missing equiptment (8k). The construction contract was for $8 million. I was initially looking at FAR 46 to see where the burden of liablity was and then on to 52.228-5 for property damage insurance. What clauses would help in this instance. Is the construction contractor responsible for the building and losses while in their possesion during construction prior to subtaintial completeion and final acceptance?
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