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  1. Thanks for the input from everyone. OMB Memo M-09-025, Improving Government Acquisition, issued July 29, 2009, directs agencies to save more money in contracting. Thought reverse auctioning (RA) might be another tool in the toolbox. RA was mentioned in the OFPP Memo, Enhancing Competition, issued July 18, 2008, but my agency hasn't previously pushed it.
  2. Thanks Desparado and Vbus. Vbus, I read all the posts in the link you provided. They were written Sept 3-15, 2008. Quite a lot of info there, including "rebuttals" from a FedBid VP. Vern said he was going to address reverse auctioning issues in an article in an upcoming issue of the Nash and Cibinic Report. Did he write that article? If yes, I'll go to my solicitor's office to read it, since we don't subscribe to N&C here in my office.
  3. Thanks to K-Law Atty. Your references are quite through. I appreciate the info. Thanks also to Vbus. I also had that idea. There over 2,000 hits for FedBid within the last 90 days on FBO. Is there a sole source issue about using only FedBid? I know we will compete among suppliers once we use the FedBid process, but how do we justify using only FedBid? Are there other reverse auction sites out there? Thanks again.
  4. Just starting to use reverse auctioning. Are there other reverse auctioning sites out there besides FedBid? Anyone have lessons learned? How are folks using it for other than supplies? Thanks for any info.
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