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  1. Can someone share a letter they have sent to a subcontractor when they are not meeting their level of effort? Thanks
  2. I work for a large defense contracor and have been asked by my manager to train a new employee in subcontracts cradle to grave. Can someone direct to some basic subcontracts 101 traning materials or where to find them online please? I am able to purchase also.
  3. Can someone please explain the distinct differences between a "Small Business Participation Plan" and "Small Business Subcontracting Plan"? I am a subcontracts administrator and have worked on Small Business Subcontracting Plans before but recently been asked to work on a small business participation plan. Is it the same thing but people using different lingo?
  4. Thanks for responding. FAR Clauses 52.222-41, 42 and 43 ARE in the MOBIS Schedule. But not having much education with these clauses I'm not sure if I need to flow them down. The subk type IS NOT construction related but straight servies only. If I flow them down, do I need to attach a copy of the wage determinations list to the subk? Kinda unsure what needs to happen if I flow them down subsequent to that or can I just flow them down and be done with it? Basically, I'm not sure if I need to flow those down but if I do, is there any other documentation I need to obtain?
  5. I am working on a recompete that falls under MOBIS Schedule 874 and noticed the Service Contract Act clause is a listed flowdown under that schedule. I have a copy of the solicitation that falls under MOBIS but it doesn't identify any FAR clauses, so I'm stuck having to go through MOBIS 874 schedule to see what flows down and what doesn't. Not sure if I need to flow down Service Contract Act in the subcontract since it's identifed in MOBIS 874. All subs are small business, straight services (no construction) and the subk type is LH with a ceiling of >$4 million. Therefore, what determine
  6. I have been in Subcontracts for years and have only heard the acronym, "IWO". I'm going to be doing some work in Subcontracts related to IWO's but can someone explain to me what they are and what it stands for so I have a bit of knowledge going into it please?
  7. That was extremely helpful! Thanks very much!
  8. What are the main differences between FFP and FPLOE type contracts?
  9. I don't have much experience with "Set asides" in the land of subcontracts. Can someone please explain to me what subcontractor set asides are?
  10. I just received CPFF labor rates for IT services from a subcontractor and I now have to conduct a price analysis. I have access to the Watson Wyatt website but unfamiliar with it. Can someone give me some advice on how to quickly justify CPFF labor rates please? The sub also has an IT 70 GSA schedule. Can I ask them to map their LC to it perhaps?
  11. Thanks Charles. Appreciate your input. Less general seemed to work.
  12. I am negotiating our subcontract agreement with a sub and they have crossed out most of my Indemnity clause. Besides making it mutual can anybody offer assistance as to how best handle this situation? or offer some language to propose?
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