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  1. I am working on a requirement to procure a subscription as a service. The subscription provides advisory seats as well as ability to request research support from their in-house analyst and time to discuss their research findings. With the ability to reach out an obtain help from the contractors support team, I am under the impression that this requirement should be treated as a service. I know I have read this before in the FAR, but cannot locate the information. Do anyone know where I can find information to support this.
  2. I am in the process of preparing a follow-on contract and the requested PoP is 9/1/2018. My confusion is that the current contract is not scheduled to end until 9/15/2018. The contract is being processed on a sole source basis. The contractor is offering to pro-rate the cost to cover the overlap between the current contract and the new contract. Pro-rating the cost covers the financial portion of the contract. My concern is can I award a contractor a contract to begin when the PoP for the current contract that is awarded to the same contractor has not ended?
  3. I need to know the difference between Cost Realism and Cost Analysis. Examples would be helpful.
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