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  1. Thank you all for your replies. For clarification, we won the contract based on competition at the Prime level, however we did not compete our suppliers. I found the purchasing system comment interesting as this gave me something else to think about. We do have an approved purchasing system and one of the reasons why is because we do perform cost analysis on all procurements meeting the TINA requirements. I think in summary, at the prime, we are exempt from certified cost or pricing data, but are required to obtain certifed cost or pricing data from the suppliers that meet the TINA require
  2. We submitted a prime proposal that is exempt from cost or pricing data because it is competitive. However, our suppliers/subcontractors that we included in the prime proposal were not competed, they are single source. With that said, are the suppliers/subcontractors required to submit cost or pricing data because they are single source and over $700K threshold or are they exempt because the prime proposal is competitive?
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