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  1. Is it possible for a contractor to novate an IDIQ contract but retain a task order that the contractor is currently perfoming under the IDIQ? Common sense says no but any insight would be appreciated.
  2. When selling to federal customers independent of the MAS program are you (or your distributors) tied to the GSA Advantage prices? I am almost certain the answer is no, but I cannot find any authority on point.
  3. Company A is a GSA schedule holder. Company B is a distributor of Company A's products. If Company B is selling the products of Company A offered on GSA Advantage to a federal customer, must Company B honor the negotiated, agreed upon discount between Company A and GSA?
  4. If a soliciation requires the awardee to be ISO certified, does the a JV itself need to be certified? 1 of the JV partners? both partners? Thanks.
  5. Just trying to get a straight answer. With that said, if a foreign contractor is unconditonally owned and controlled by a U.S. citizen, there would be no FOCI in my opinion. Thus, getting the clearance would not be problematic. How long does the process take, generally speaking?
  6. Does it make a difference if the company is (100%) owned by an American citizen? That happens to be the case.
  7. Can a foreign contractor (i.e., a japanese-licensed contractor) obtain a security clearance? I think the answer is yes, but I cannot find any support.
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