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  1. In this case the government mistakenly did not exercise an option year for an ID/IQ contract, the services are required and existing task orders are outstanding. Is there a precedent for exercising the option say 6 months late?
  2. Thanks, it is not required. Maybe the key is that the folks feeling eBuy must be used are ex DoD
  3. Some of my co-workers feel strongly that all solicitations under this section must be posted to e-Buy even if the amount is modest (say$1m) and you have conducted extensive market research that shows 3 long established vendors that supply the required service as the main part of their business and who are willing to submit a proposal. e-Buy is not a required system (unless brand name specifications are being asked for). My position is that CO's may send the solicitation to the identified 3 vendors and be fully compliant with the FAR. Please provide your thoughts about this issue. Thanks, dhdsas