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  1. Thanks, still mulling over some GAO Redbook passages, but it now seems that the agency does not actually award multiyear contracts (as properly defined), and has mistakenly labeled multiple year contracts as multiyear contracts.
  2. Thanks all for your comments and questions. My agency has multiyear contracting authority, and my strawman is a hypothetical multiyear, incrementally funded, non-severable, 5-year, CPFF Completion contract (without options) for technical services, not widgets. Narrowly, the guidance sought is not whether the cancellation clause is required – it is because of FAR 17.109. Instead, when, if ever, would a cancellation ceiling in the Schedule be meaningful? Rephrased, “does the clause make sense if the cancellation charge is anything other than $0.0, and if so, how is anything other than $0.0 j
  3. If you are using an older version of MS Word, you may not have been able to download the note that filippo posted. I copied and pasted the contents of his note and posted it below in a quote box.
  4. Applicability of Multiyear Cancellation Ceilings for CPFF Overseas Services Field Contracting Officers of my civilian agency awarding multiyear contracts have been directed to negotiate cancellation ceilings in schedules of awards and incorporate FAR 52.217-2, Cancellation under Multiyear Contracts, into its contracts. Nevertheless, implementation guidance has not been provided and is solicited by this posting. Unlike major weapons system procurements, the guidance sought would apply principally to a subset of multiyear contracts within the meaning of FAR 17.103, namely, 5-yea
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