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  1. I am confused by this - since when can the military award armored personnel carriers (APCs) from a GSA schedule?
  2. I use VAO for news and updates and to take training towards my every two year 80 CLP requirement. It is free to Govt employees - just register and enjoy.
  3. Vern - Thank you for the comprehensive response - I was thinking many of the same things - there are many unclear issues especially when reading the order with eyes wide open.
  4. How do you think this will effect current service contracts? Increased REAs?
  5. Can you ask the offeror(s) to provide other than certified cost or pricing data under Discussions - labor categories and fully burdened hourly rates for each?
  6. Was the requirement performance based? If so, the Government does not tell the contractor how to staff the requirement. I would, however, be curious to know. In this instance I would contact the DOL at the geographic location where performance will be performed and send them a copy of the PWS. Ask the DOL if the services outlined in the PWS support the General Clerk or the Admin Assistant labor category and which level (I, II, III, IV).
  7. Why don't we ask - Is this a DCAA audit of a cost proposal or a DCMA analysis of a proposal? Because govtacct02 stated that this was an audit of a TINA-covered proposal the question could be seen more than one way.
  8. Ask the contracting officer or specialist working that solicitation.
  9. what-does-your-sex-life-have-do-your-security-clearance Another interesting article at GovExec.com.
  10. Some of my thoughts - My second to last question is always "Have I responded completely to your questions or do you require further clarification of my responses?" At the end of every interview, my last question is always "Who should I contact for a debriefing?" More often then not, the lessons learned in debriefings will increase your preparation for the next interview. Sometimes the debriefing may just be worthless. You decide. Whether in person or telephonic, I always take notes on the questions asked, then pause, and provide a concise complete response. If I have not heard the complete question, I ask that it be repeated. If I do not know the answer, my response usually is "That's a good question and something I will research because I do not have a satisfactory response". This indicates your willingness to be honest and open about your lack of knowledge in a particular area and your willingness to do research and learn. Most intern program selectees do not have much, if any, contracting/procurement experience. The interview panel is listening for your responses - eloquent, grammar, slang, "ummmm", "like". They are listening for your ability to think on your feet. Be friendly (but not overtly so), open, honest and polite.
  11. Steveatus - May I make a quiet, friendly suggestion - - learn from the constructive criticism and advice provided on this forum. These are some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and well-connected contracting professionals who take the time out of their schedule to share their extensive knowledge with the forum members. Government and industry. Worldwide. Some literally "wrote the book" on contracting. May I make another suggestion - read Vern's Blog Parts I, II and III of the continuing saga about the trainees and their quest for knowledge. It is a great tutorial on how to look at issues, formulate sound questions based on your own research and knowledge, and, most importantly in my view, how to listen and learn.
  12. Good morning. Jacksonville, FL is full of 1102 positions - some entry, some not. The organization I work for has NACC (Naval Intern) positions open every year - sometimes more than once a year. These intern positions are advertised on USAJobs and are usually open for only one day - they receive hundreds of applications. Your best bet is to check USAJobs on a daily basis and look for GS-7,9,11,12 ladder or intern positions. Check out American Graduate University for your Master's Degree.
  13. ji20874 - May I provide your write up to the 1102's who work for me. This is the most concise clear explanation I have found to this issue.
  14. The difference between the working climate of DoD agencies and Non-DoD agencies is palpable. I prefer working for DoD. Of course, I am retired Army so the regimental, can-do, teamwork, mission focused support provided for the DoD is in my blood. DoD has afforded me oportunities to do commercial and non-commercial acquisitions. DoD contracting is made of: (just to name a few) Construction & A&E, supplies, professional/non-professional/personal/non-personal services, RDT&E, Environmental, and on and on. Non-DoD agencies are focused on their specific missions and do not affort the depth of experience gaining procurements. Since you are currently in DCMA, are you only working post-award administration? Your experience as a procurement technician under $150K provides you with a basic understanding of contracting policies and procedures. If you want to build more large contract acquisition experience, I advocate you remain within the DoD.
  15. MotorCity: It is not just your agency. Even in such a short span of 10 years I have seen a great change in the 1102 program. Interns come on board in a GS-7/9/11/12 position and reach GS-12 at the end of the three year internship. This internship is usually performed within the same office, rotating between sections, with a 3 month rotation outside the agency. They are required to achieve their Contracting Level II. I find a few expect to get any GS-13 for which they apply and are vocally very disappointed when they are not selected. These same few think they know everything and are real resistant to self motivational improvement and learning. These few often fail to ask pertinent questions, fail to meet deadlines, and periodically alienate peers, supervisors and management. It is the most exceptional intern who knows that he/she must acquire varied and more complex experience before most agencies will consider him/her for selection to the GS-13 level. Most know that those of us who are more seasoned with varied experience are usually eager to share our knowledge and experience to guide and mentor. The Federal Government's dependence on automated systems for things like clause usage and the almost guaranteed graduation from each DAU course attended is contributing to the "dumming down" of the 1102 field. What happened to applying logic, planning, reading, understanding, inquiring, deducing and other fundamentals of business? More checklists, templates, form letters, etc. I am concerned.
  16. What does the position description require? If you have established rating criteria - are they being exceeded, met or not met? We use metrics, customer surveys, observations and inspection/review of workload to determine ratings. Also, if the GS-13's are supervisory in nature, they are rated on how well they supervise, lead, manage, mentor, and how well those employees under their supervision are performing. A supervisor is ultimately responsible for the actions and inactions of those over which they are appointed.
  17. In Oct 2003 I entered the 1102 field. The very first thing my first mentor told me was to get a WIFCON account and to check the site multiple times each day - even on the weekends. I do still do this. I remember when the site went down - I felt like a fish floundering on shore - no where to go and sure to die a slow death. Word travelled fast when it came back up and I scrambled to establish my new account. I was in San Diego at CON 360 at that time. It was WIFCON that introduced me to American Graduate University where I earned by Master of Acquisition Management in April 2007. It was WIFCON that introduced me to the vast knowledge provided by Vern, Joel, Don, Navy Contracting, and countless others. It is still WIFCON where I go first to research a contracting issue - the library of Discussion Forums is like a time capsule of information. It is WIFCON that encourages me to independently seek professional growth. WIFCON wishes me happy birthday when no one else in my office remembers to do so. I am continuously inspired by the knowledgeable contributors to this site. When I moved from place to place, I told each new set of co-workers about the site. While I enjoy a good sax solo, WIFCON and the thousands of people influenced by this site are a far more impressive and lasting legacy. Please accept my most heartfelt THANK YOU.
  18. Here in my environment I am surrounded by loud people who have no consideration for anyone else within 100 feet. They use speaker phones, talk over cubicles and otherwise abandon common cubicle decorum. I bought Skull headphones, loaded over 150 CDs to my Samsung Galaxy Note II and now I can work in peace. Currently I am listening to the Jazz playlist which include Dave Koz, Clarence Clemons, Esperanza Spaulding, Geri Allen, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Haden, Harry Connick, Jr, Diana Krall, Chris Botti, Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Charlie Mingus, Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock, just to name a few!!
  19. Sorry for the late post - I have been busier than a bee these past few days. Vern - Further research suggests that each agency has their own records and files management instructions. I should not have spoken in such general terms in Post #9.
  20. Happy Birthday Bob!!! I give major props to your work and this site for the success I have had as an 1102.
  21. All TO/DOs issued under a base ID/IQ or Requirements contract must be closed out before the base contract can be closed out. The destruction date of all issued TO/DOs and the base contract is 6 years 3 months from the final payment date of the last completed TO/DO.
  22. Dear Buyer: Love your moniker!! Here's my two cents on this subject. Why don't you take the Level I certification through DAU for Program Management? It will give you a taste of what may lie ahead. You have been an 1102 for enough time to know that it is "stressful" and "grueling". The question is whether you feel you can maintain your performance standards in the coming years while pursuing your personal goals. I know of several 1102s who either completely quit Government service or applied for and were hired in a less "stressful" and "grueling" career field. Another consideration - is the hiring official permitted to hire a GS-1102-12 into a GS-13 program management position? There may be certain eligibility restrictions - such as educational or time in grade at the next lower level in the program mamagement series.
  23. Thanks Carl. I did a Google Search already. I was unable to find a definitive definition of the term.
  24. Hello all. Some of us here are discussing the definition of "Level Above Contracting Officer". Some think it means that if the contracting officer has a $10M warrant authority that any one with a greater warrant authority is considered "level above". Some think that it means the "chain of command" or "Supervisory" level above the contracting officer. I have searched and searched ACQuire, DAU, FAR, DFAR, NMCAR and could not find a single definition for "level above contracting officer".
  25. What about a Cooperative Agreement? Have you looked into this possibility?
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