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  1. Great write up Bob.  While certainly not at the level described above, as a Contracting Officer, I am sure that many of us have had to work with undue influence at many levels on many procurements.  I know I have.  It there is only one thing to be admired in the above, and there are many, it is that Mr. Rule certainly lived up to his name - he followed the rules, refused to be unduly influenced and reached an agreement on a very politically charged and contentious modification.  It is an extremely hard thing to do, but it is an essential part of being a Contracting Officer.

  2. In Oct 2003 I entered the 1102 field. The very first thing my first mentor told me was to get a WIFCON account and to check the site multiple times each day - even on the weekends. I do still do this. I remember when the site went down - I felt like a fish floundering on shore - no where to go and sure to die a slow death. Word travelled fast when it came back up and I scrambled to establish my new account. I was in San Diego at CON 360 at that time. It was WIFCON that introduced me to American Graduate University where I earned by Master of Acquisition Management in April 2007. It was WIFCON that introduced me to the vast knowledge provided by Vern, Joel, Don, Navy Contracting, and countless others. It is still WIFCON where I go first to research a contracting issue - the library of Discussion Forums is like a time capsule of information. It is WIFCON that encourages me to independently seek professional growth. WIFCON wishes me happy birthday when no one else in my office remembers to do so. I am continuously inspired by the knowledgeable contributors to this site. When I moved from place to place, I told each new set of co-workers about the site. While I enjoy a good sax solo, WIFCON and the thousands of people influenced by this site are a far more impressive and lasting legacy. Please accept my most heartfelt THANK YOU.

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