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  1. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    Then change my name to Luke Skywalker!!!
  2. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    A Viking 'Heaven" - really Vern LOL Please know that many of us have "grown up" in contracting with you as our father figure; a wise man who challenged us, encouraged us and pointed us in the right directions. I could wax poetic, but I won't. I thank you, I will miss you, and WIFCON will miss you.
  3. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    Vern - THANK YOU!!! You inspired me to be the best contracting professional I can be. Your knowledge has been a beacon in times of darkness. I wish you much deserved happiness in your retirement.
  4. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    Vern - You said,"I don't teach anymore, but still I get paid to research and write, so I'm constantly working in a variety of databases about a variety of topics in contracting. However, all this is coming to an end soon. So one or more of you will have to take up the slack." Does this mean you are retiring soon? Please say it isn't so!!!
  5. We are looking into the possibility of sponsoring a PWS writing class for our Government customers. Does anyone want to recommend a good contractor? Would DAU come to our location and provide training?
  6. Contracting Scandals

    Ok Vern. Thanks.
  7. Contracting Scandals

    Hi Vern The topic took a turn after GWGerard1102's initial post in this thread. We all know that this case does not rate anywhere alongside of "Fat Leonard" for the dollars, reach or impact. In my prior post I was wondering what basis the defense had to request the verdict to be set aside. I know it was not set aside. I thought we were talking about Contracting Scandals. "Thrower" may not be a "Fat Leonard", but it was a scandal to DWGerard1102 and those of us involved.
  8. Contracting Scandals

    Grasping at straws - my contract file had his signature on a non-disclosure agreement and on a conflict of interest statement and there was the altered insurance paperwork that was found in multiple contract files during the investigation.
  9. Contracting Scandals

    Yep - that's it Vern. It appears as if it wasn't just the three contracts that I knew about. The article said eight contracts. I also did not know that Mr. Thrower's lawyer had tried to get the jury verdict set aside. I wonder on what grounds the set aside was based?
  10. Contracting Scandals

    The link that DWGerard1102 furnished in this thread is the one I was referring to in my Friday 9:58 AM post. THROWER In the case in which myself and others were involved, the contractor was performing on a daily basis, had many employees and was receiving monthly payment IAW the contracts. Having said that, Mr. Thrower was the COR on all of these contracts and would have been the one certifying the invoices for payment. They were providing Human Resources and Administrative work under at least three contracts, if I remember correctly, in support of multiple Ft Benning organizations. I did a site visit on the one contract that I worked and Mr. Thrower and his sister were both there. It is not unusual for the COR and the Contractor to be present during a site visit. Just like during source selection, I had no idea that they were related. He even signed a non-disclosure agreement and a conflict of interest form. CID got involved when another new contract specialist noticed that the insurance document provided by the contractor to prove that they had sufficient insurance to work on a Government installation appeared strange- the type font looked altered. That eagle eyed contract specialist called the insurance agency, found that the company did not have insurance with that agency, and then reported her suspicions up the Contracting chain to CID and CID investigated. Not only were the insurance documents found to be fraudulent, but the compensation received by Mr. Thrower from his sister and their familial relationship was discovered. In early 2005, a bunch of us went to Boston to appear before the Grand Jury and in July 2010, the trial was held. Mr. Thrower's sister was sentenced before his trial started and he was sentenced, I think, in October 2010. I have no knowledge of whether protests were filed after the verdict as I had left that particular contracting office in 2008.
  11. Contracting Scandals

    Yes - Thank you!!
  12. Contracting Scandals

    Let me clarify - DWGerard1102 may have been involved at the beginning of he CID investigation for Thrower. I have no knowledge of his involvement. I would think that he would remember the specific reason he left the organization.
  13. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. That was a truly interesting read. Since Mr. Bigler was not sanctioned, I am wondering if, in the last 10 years, any DoD attorney has been sanctioned and why?
  15. Contracting Scandals

    Good morning - The link you mentioned is not the one he is writing about in this chain. For the one he is writing about in this chain, I was one of the brand new contract specialists assigned to one of the requirements awarded to the subject contractor in FY04. The CID investigation and case preparation went on for years and in 2010 I testified at the Federal trial in Boston, as did many of the contract specialists, contracting officers, and the Government attorney who advised our contracting office. When CID started investigating, the activities spelled out in the Press Release from the Justice Department DWGerard1102 furnished in his post were discovered. As for that KO retiring - he was a good man who worked for a horrible shrew of a supervisor and did the very best he could to keep us shielded from her. I, and others, hold him in high regard for his kindness and for his efforts. I know of no rumor, innuendo, or factual proof that he did anything unethical or illegal. RIP.