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    No special interests, really. Kind of a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none kind of person.

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30 years of doing some of mostly everything in Government contracting, including cost accounting, internal audit, rates/factors calculations, audit liaison, Government property control, socioeconomic reporting, control system adequacy, etc. Also some procurement, subcontract management and prime contract administration. Won my company an award for a successful Mentor-Protege program; received an "Outstanding" rating from the SBA for socioeconomic reporting. Also some project management under a CPAF task order for the Navy (but don't tell anyone). In recent years, tried to implement Lean into supply chain management, program management, and contract administration, with mixed success.

I have never worked for the U.S. Government as an employee and I have never been an employee of the DCAA. I have been a paid consultant, however, for an Independent Federal Commission, where I provided advice and assistance regarding timekeeping, labor charging and cost accounting matters. My assistance led to a clean audit opinion on the Commission's financial statements.

For a decade I was a consultant, working in the "Big 4" world of professional accountancy. My specialty was government contract cost accounting and all aspects of sucessfully selling to the Federal government. My clients were in diverse industries, including bio-defense (Project Bioshield vaccine development), environmental remediation, engineering/construction, and traditional aerospace/defense. Selected projects included: T4C's, resolution of CAS noncompliances, DOD Voluntary Disclosure program forensic accounting analysis, expert testimony. I also supported internal and external audits of government contractors, including acting as a "Subject Matter Expert" with respect to Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 internal control system adequacy and revenue recognition under SOP 81-1.

I have been employed by one of the Top 5 Defense contractors, in a $7 billion business segment, where I handled government accounting, cost accounting, and DCAA/DCMA liaison. After several ASBCA and CoFC cases, I realized there were too many lawyers involved, and so now I work at a smaller (yet growing) defense contractor in Southern California. Same job; more opportunity to impact the business.

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