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  1. I have a hard time forming any opinion with knowing the circumstances of the protest.
  2. You must be dealing with an attorney. Yes, there may be a difference between the terms, based on how the contractor is defining things. From way over here, telework involves an agreement that an employee will "work from home" while working remotely implies work from other locations, such as satellite offices or even taking a call while driving (hands-free, of course). Now that I've differentiated the terms, I'm sure others will weigh in to tell me I'm wrong. Perhaps! If people (or lawyers) are concerned about the differences in terms, they should define them for their unique circumstances, and then follow the definitions consistently.
  3. My experience is that they do a video interview with the employee. The employee shows their badge and answers the standard questions.
  4. As I read the above, it gives contracting officers authority to reimburse contractors and/or subcontractors for the cost of keeping employees "in a ready state" as direct contract costs, and gives contracting officers funding and authority to modify contracts (without consideration) for the costs of doing so. Anybody read it differently?
  5. FYI, Kim Herrington just publicly congratulated Ryan and his team. Endorsed the public announcement as is. Moral of the story: This ain't business as usual.
  6. Well, I suppose you can send Ryan a letter of concern/correction. He put his email right there in the announcement.
  7. DOD Commercial Item Group (CIG) is reporting-- Not a question, obviously. More of a PSA, I guess.
  8. Depends on what the contractor's practices are for recording material costs. A consistent practice must be used, but it can vary by contractor. Some contractors record the cost of material when ordered, others when received, others when the invoice is received, others when the invoice is paid. Ask the contractor what its practice is. That will give you the answer to your question, as the burden to be applied will be based on when the cost of direct material is recorded by the contractor.
  9. Agreed! We had heard The FIRM was taking the lead, working with DACOs and CACOs on a block change. But then we heard individual COs/ACOs were taking the lead on individual contracts. We heard the new PP rates were prospective only, then we heard "no DFAS can't handle that," then we heard "yes we meant prospective only." So much confusion. I was hoping somebody here had some better insight.
  10. Working with DCMA on modifying contracts to incorporate the new progress payment clauses with 90% (large business) rates. Lots of people seem to think the new rates are prospective only. DFAS has confirmed that is not the case, that once the new rate is input it goes retroactive since the progress payment rates are based on costs incurred inception-to-date. Or, in DFAS speak, a contract can only have one progress payment rate, not two. Anybody hearing anything similar?
  11. here_2_help

    Coronavirus Impact

    I agree! This top-down direction puts tremendous pressure on the COs. One area that comes to mind is the review process for FPRAs. No contractor is going to achieve the rates in current FPRAs, and many may start cancelling them. At a minimum, they are going to look for a quick modification to increase bid rates for estimated impacts from the pandemic. If those changes will need to be boarded, that's not going to play well. The press releases indicate that DOD leadership is speaking daily with industry associations. We know which associations. And we know which contractors dominate them. If the bureaucracy doesn't support the messaging from DOD leadership to the big contractors, I'm fairly confident the situation is going to be raised, quickly and loudly.
  12. here_2_help

    Coronavirus Impact

    I have the memo in my possession, but I do not have a link to give you. Sorry!
  13. here_2_help

    Coronavirus Impact

    Suggest Bob consider creating a new topic for COVID-19 discussions. In the meantime, on 20 March ASN (RD&D) issued a memo to all Navy Syscom Commanders and PEOs, directing (among other actions) the following-- Immediately reduce retentions/withholds to an absolute minimum Pay all settled REAs immediately Submit requests for obligation of expired funds where required to support REA payments immediately Resolve all remaining REAs "as quickly as possible, including preparing provisional payments where appropriate with reservation of right to recoup any overpayment upon final settlement" -- the phrase "max pace" was used Adjust inspection criteria where needed "to enable work execution at a faster rate" Accelerate negotiations and award for future work including the use of UCAs as necessary, "including contract changes in the pipeline [for] existing contracts" Maximize obligations and allowable expenditures against UCAs. "Consult with DASN (P) on additional authorities up to and including obligations up to 100%" The memo concludes "This is not business as usual situation."
  14. here_2_help

    Coronavirus Impact

    I was interested to see that the Memo came from OMB but not OFPP.
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