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  1. Thanks Vern. I appreciate the quick and detailed response. VR, Dan
  2. I created a bilateral modification to exercise an option and revise the performance period for option. I was told that I cannot perform these actions together because the "option to exercise" is a unilateral right and that I should not put this action with another. I should create two mods. Am I crazy, or is it not allowable to perform both actions under a single bilateral action? Just because I have unilateral right to exercise option does not mean that I have to. I feel like I am missing something here.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
  4. I read that already. I was looking answers to my scenario specifically.
  5. I am working on creating an Multiple Award IDIQ for A&AS services. I have funding for minimum buy Task Orders that is FY10. I must award the IDIQ contracts and issue the Task Orders this year to spend this funding. I planned on having a base of 2 months and then 5 options totaling 58 months. I was told that I could award the contract and issue the first Task Orders under a "phase in" period (2 months) and then have a 12 months base and 4 - 12 month options. I argued that once I issue Task Orders, I have started the performance period. Please give your opinions as to the use of a Phase In period for this type of contract.