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  1. We are planning to use the GSA "OASIS" Contract for a Non-Personal Professional Services, total value approximately $8 Million, base and 2 options. We would like to use your recommended process to select a contractor. Can you expand a little on the process, so we can understand it better. What do you mean when you say to "ask them for their views on the order"? We are very willing to try to avoid FAR Part 15 procedures, and to use Part 16 properly. We just aren't sure what properly is! BTW - I love the WIWFCON forum, and peruse it often.
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    Synopsis Exception

    FAR 5.202(a)(13) provides for an exception to the notice required by FAR 5.201. This is for an EXCEPTION to the notice. This seems fairly straightforward to me, as long as you post the solicitation somewhere that provides ACCESS to the notice of proposed contract action through the GPE (FBO).
  3. FAR Part 19, 19.000 (B ) states that "This part, except for subpart 19.6, applies only in the United States or its outlying areas" Our Small Business advisor insists that we complete a DD 2579 for acquisitions in foreign country, because the contracting office is located in the United States. We support many overseas missions, and often have to buy supplies and services in foreign countries. Is it required that we consider US Small Businesses when the mission dictates that we acquire supplies and services in foreign countries, if the contracting office is located in the US?