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  1. Looking for info on allowable costs. The contract will have FFP CLIN and CPFF CLINS for labor. The FFP CLIN will be priced for a mix of labor categories with an estimated number of employees in each. The CPFF CLINS will be O&A work as needed not included in the FFP CLIN. So trying to understand allowable cost for the O&A CLIN, if an employee under the FFP works on O&A work during his normal 40 hours paid time, is this O&A work an allowable cost for the CPFF CLIN.
  2. Looking for some guidance on the use of internal government information in a Part 15 evaluation of an RFP for services to be performed at a Gov facility. One of the proposals submitted a Key Person with apparently significant management experience in the work required by the RFP. This experience was as a Gov employee who managed the same operation where the work of the current RFP is to be conducted. The evaluation team has indicated that they have been unable to locate anyone at this facility who can provide an evaluation of this Key Person's specific experience with this operation, and whether that experience is relevant to the RFP requirements. Question is concerning the risk for the Gov of not evaluating this Key Person's experience. Have tried to find any GAO decisions on this, but have found none. What should the evaluation team do with the Past Performance for this Key Person?
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