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  1. What we’re arguing about here is small stuff. The larger issue is why don’t contracts like this reflect long terms needs to avoid things like hitting the ceiling in the first year? Sure legislation can add work in this example but legislation is years in the making. Agency budget, planners and management know about likelihood of that well in advance. It’s just not communicated to contracting. Probably contracting will get blamed for delays the next time a need arises for A/E services.
  2. Certainly doing a J&A is a safe approach. The work should be minimal. FAR requirements include only the CO for actions under $750,000 for example
  3. Hmmm. My approach doesn’t sound so good in that light. But my thinking was I didn’t order new task work - just took action to complete an existing task that’s required because of delays. The more I think, the more I see I’m wrong.
  4. @Vern Edwards I’m assuming the extension is not at no cost but probably not a significant amount. I’m guessing below the threshold most agencies have for preparation and approval of formal justifications. I would just do the task order extension with documentation explaining my actions.
  5. If I was a CS/CO faced with this situation, I honestly would view it as a simple need to extend the task order period of performance. The extension is necessary due to delays in the construction. I would just negotiate the four month extension and be done and likely not even consider a need to modify the contract ceiling since new work is not being ordered. This discussion is interesting and made me think a little differently. But I’m still not certain my actions would be wrong.
  6. @Vern Edwards the government spent years trying to justify PACE, either continued use or revising it. GAO studied it as well. It wilted on the vine. There’s just no practical way to use a test that everyone agrees is culturally unbiased.
  7. Tests like that can’t be developed that are acceptable to everyone today. What worked best for me in making hiring decisions is interviews combined with detailed reference checks. Detailed questions to gauge personal accomplishments, interests, career goals, experiences, challenges, etc., combined with candid reference verifications worked. I got a pretty good sense of each applicants potential to be successful, at least in the job we had in mind.
  8. Department of Commerce established a multiple award GWACS termed COMMITS NexGen in 2005. The contracts contained no prices with pricing determined at the task order level. No special waiver was needed.
  9. I don’t necessarily. What those individuals seek from COs is professional services that directly addresses their needs. How to deliver those services be learned many ways of which college is just one. I don’t think people know or care if a CO has a degree or not, especially if they are happy in the work relationship.
  10. I don’t see any 1102 work requiring a degree. That said, a degree serves a purpose in recruitment and selection for positions. It screens the candidate list down as a first cut which is important in dealing with huge numbers of applications for just about any vacancy.
  11. Several years ago when strategic sourcing was in vogue, some agencies awarded requirements contracts for commonly purchased supplies and services. Since those contracts were mandatory in agency use, they felt requirements type was appropriate as opposed to IDIQ. As such they didn’t necessarily need to specify maximum quantities.
  12. This is from a GSA blog that answers agency questions. It addresses differences between IDIQ contracts and BPAs
  13. I’m sure Biden hasn’t nominated anybody because he’s satisfied with the status quo. Two campaign priorities are assisting small and disadvantaged businesses and promoting labor initiatives. So far he’s delivering. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/07/26/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-advances-equity-and-economic-opportunity-through-federal-procurement-and-state-and-local-infrastructure-contracting/ https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/11/18/fact-sheet-president-biden-signs-executive-order-to-ensure-quality-jobs-for-service-workers-on-federal-contracts/
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