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  1. This was a thought provoking discussion. Thanks Vern. So if you have a $50 million maximum, for example, and you apply it as a cumulative amount in a contract clause applicable to the entire pool of all contract holders, it’s one thing - orders can be placed with contract holders in the pool up to the cumulative maximum. It’s a contract with multiple awards. But if the $50 million was divided up among the awards such as five awardees each with a clause saying the contract has a $10 million ceiling, it’s something different.
  2. I agree. Grade creep and grade inflation occurred throughout government and it is especially prevalent with 1102s. I started as an Army/AMC intern at a major buying organization. The agency was responsible for the consolidation acquisition of ammunition across DoD during the Viet Nam era. A GS-12 CO usually had 12-15 years experience and heavy responsibilities. A GS-13 with an unlimited warrant had at least that much experience and had to demonstrate good judgement and initiative to get that warrant. Today a GS-13 has around 5 years experience and good ones leave jobs for a GS-14 at
  3. Not saying this is what happened but I’ve seen similar things a couple times. In both instances the government admitted errors in evaluation after debriefing an unsuccessful offeror.
  4. GAO mentions single award IDIQ prevailed. The advantages of flexibility and administrative ease are obvious there. CIO-SP4, the remainder of GWACS, and big multiple award pools like Navy SeaPort-e have huge numbers of awardees. 450 awards are anticipated for CIO-SP4. SeaPort has over 5,000. Those require providing “fair opportunity” notices and allowing all interested and otherwise qualified offerors responding to the notice to compete. Most ordering agencies use a full blown solicitation rather than a streamlined solicitation to solicit as well. So my question is what does this buy som
  5. I think giving a contract to everybody is what the Navy did with SeaPort. There are over 5,000 awardees. i personally don’t see advantages with these major multiple award IDIQ contract pools. With hundreds of awards and complying with fair opportunity, what’s there to really gain. Now if the number of awards are limited to a small number such as 5 in each technical area, that’s a different story.
  6. There’s a lot of information on the website including draft RFP. https://nitaac.nih.gov/cio-sp4 It looks like offerors complete pricing spreadsheets using NIH defined standard labor category definitions. I don’t know for certain but after reading articles about Brian Goodger, the cio-sp3 program manager, it seems like the two part technical proposal is for two purposes - provide assurances that offerors know the medical research and healthcare end of HHS and can manage a very wide divergent mix of labor categories. That mix covers such a wide variety of work, it must take quite a bi
  7. We’ve mentioned the CIO-SP3 GWAC here before on a few occasions. The solicitation for the follow-on CIO-SP4 is scheduled for release soon. It’s valued at $40 billion so it’s really significant. The interesting aspect is a three phase evaluation. Offerors submit corporate experience in the first phase and use a self scoring worksheet. The second phase is a go/no-go assessment of fulfilling mandatory requirements. Phase 3 evaluates a ten page technical proposal where 5 pages address a sample task and the other 5 pages is for a management plan. Price and past performance are also evaluated
  8. Agreed. What I should have said was knowledgable and objective. Lots of immediate supervisors are biased (both positively and negatively) and some don’t know what’s good or bad. Also Vern, so glad you’re back. This place isn’t the same without you.
  9. I can tell you GSA complied with CICA including JOFOC and synopsis requirements for a major lease recompetition. Congressional interest delayed the procurement for a new lease and GSA reported through OMB and the White House to Congress on the required steps to keep the agency in place for a while
  10. I started as an Army intern knowing nothing about the field. Training consisted of three mandatory off-site courses (160 hours basic at Ft Lee, 120 hours cost/price analysis and negotiation techniques at navy Crystal City and 120 hours contract adm at Wright Pat). We stayed in hotels and had lots of reading and assignments off hours. Negotiations involved lots of mock sessions. Starting the field fresh, I learned a lot without the baggage of thinking I already knew the subjects. Much of that education still remains in my head. I was also fortunate to be assigned at a major buying comm
  11. More agencies seem to use cost or price analysts now. They prepare reports for COs to use in negotiations or award documentation. I’ve only seen analysts use the term “recommended” in their conclusions and nothing more.
  12. Some agencies that do this a lot use a combination of what has already been discussed. They send an email authorizing work subject to a ceiling using bulk funding (I’m guessing bulk funding for the volume of actions). Once pricing is finalized, they do the order.
  13. Stealth, That looks about right. Verify by using the government salary table. Take whatever the salary is at the base grade/step, move up to the promoted grade, match the base salary against the closet amount at the promoted grade, and then add two steps. I personally would make decisions about jobs based on how interesting and challenging work assignments are. If you’re in DC, you have many choices for 1102 jobs.
  14. Ok. Failed to meet the need of the procurement
  15. There isn’t a consistent and precise definition. Vern mentioned earlier smart COs define it in solicitations. FAR 15.101-2, when covering LPTA, says So my answer is it could vary based on circumstances. To be safe, the precise definition for the procurement at hand should be part of the solicitation.
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