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  1. Not to sound argumentative, but the SCA is not applied if they are "exempt" employees on professional, executive or administrator positions... which we cannot answer based on the information provided.
  2. Interesting fact: The Program Office did not have funds to exercise the option but, they do for another procurement? Was the scope reduced?
  3. Vern is right! My feelings are hurt! Some of us that do NOT have a bachelor's and havehad the opportunity to stay within the profession for over 25 years are not as Don generalize them. You have other "young" 1102's that all they want to do is get promoted ($$$), get training, get Certified as Contracting Officers and then, move on to Corporate, where the "cash" is even better. They are the ones who still have to get counseling and are afraid to make that innovative move, to save money, and make the work practical and more importantly, make it right. Ask some of these "new generation" individuals to differentiate between cost analysis vs cost realism, T&M vs LOE, or even where in the FAR to go and find it (memorize the FAR parts - here we go Don) which Part / SubPart to reference, which clauses to include, etc.... I've had experienced where some have been put in charge of awarding millions of dollars worth of contracts, with only 3-5 yrs of actual Contracting experience, and receiving legal advise from counsel that have only had 2-3 years of actual contract law experience as well. It's an old rant, but someone has to do it, specially when you see the kind of work that is being let out and ends up as 1103ktr indicated, "The substandard quality of work is a cancer that is hurting the profession in ways that can't be comprehended."
  4. True... It's funny that if it was the other way around; the COTR (or gov POC) asking the contractor to raise the employee's salary, (I think I remember an old thread about this one), then there would be an issue.
  5. What if he uses the individual's salary as a justification; as in "if I cannot pay him "this" much, I will need to move him to another project or lose him". Just curious...
  6. So how are they planning on funding it if they do not determine the level of effort required to do the work. (T&M/LOE). How are they planning to do the Government Cost Estimate? How are they expecting a contractor to propose if they do not even know when, or for how long they need performance? Very interesting...
  7. How about two CLINS: 001 - Three day week: XXX weeks @ $XXXX.XX per / week = FFP 002 - Five day week: XXX weeks @ $XXXX.XX per / week = FFP If the program knows the qty of weeks that the offeror will have to work 3 days and / or 5 days, end of the problem but, if it cannot be determined the specific amount of weeks for each CLIN, you would be stuck with T&M.
  8. Score a grand slam on this one Mr. Vern...or a "LIKE" on facebook. In the past, I have seen some of the most ridiculous comments on contracts and related documentation, when they return from the so called "legal reviews". We used to call them "grammar checks"!
  9. Yes you did not! Got you all mixed up! Just got back into adding comments into the forum... my bad!
  10. Award Fee = Additional monetary rewarded for performance based on contract terms and conditions Award Term = Additional period or term rewarded for performance based on contract terms and conditions Like Mr. Hoffman says, they are both contractor's entitlements, as opposed to "options".
  11. I humbly submit that the part in bold may be a point that has been missed. Is it "required by the contract" that DOD fund it or is it required by the contract that they stay up to date? What does the ODC's section in the terms and conditions of the contract say?
  12. Award Term is an additional term (usually a year) that is added or given to the contractor as a performance reward. This action, which is not an option, is an entitlement that the contractor receives, as stipulated in the contract as an added term of performance for obtaining or meeting a "specific" performance rating or target in the overal requirements of the contract. It is (or has been) widely used in the Dept of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Management and Operations Contracts with either for profit contractors and / or Federally Funded Research and Development Centers to run its Nuclear Weapons production, storage, research or development efforts. Short answer, it is funded when the obligation is required upon contract award extension.
  13. And yes, adding performance period is adding scope.
  14. In EV terms, we have a cost variance of +200k - not a bad thing! Hmmmm! 20% CPI... And who managed that project?
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