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  1. I am looking for information either from the FAR or other source that states a contractor cannot submit data via a private server that requires the Government employee to create a username and password. If anyone could help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I have always been told that contractors must use Government approved sites to submit data and cannot demand any one Government employee to create a username and password to access a contractor's private site for submission documents either prior to or after contract award.
  2. Mickdu

    DFAR 215.371 Only One Offer

    I was looking at it in 2 ways. The first being that since this IDIQ is a 100% Small Business Set Aside suite that it falls under the exemption and the second way is that since this IDIQ was fully competed as a solicitation and 6 awards were made that it meets all competition requirments and is not subject to the DFARS provision at all.
  3. Mickdu

    DFAR 215.371 Only One Offer

    Am I correct in my interpretation of this provision that if I have a Small Business Set Aside, Multiply Award (6 awardees) IDIQ that I am exempt from the resoliciting for 30 days? All competition requirements were met on the solicitation of the basic contracts therefore this requirement should have been satisfied for the duration of the IDIQ.
  4. Mickdu

    Basic IDIQ Contract extensions

    The period of performance of the entire IDIQ and all contracts under it. I believe DFAR 217.204(e)(i) allows me to award such an action.
  5. Is it possible to do a period of performance extension to a Basic IDIQ Contract that is not for advisory and assistance services? This base IDIQ was a competitive award with multiple awards and the extension would be granted for all contractors.
  6. Mickdu

    Ceiling Price

    I am talking about the Maximum Ceiling Price that was listed in the solicitation. It was about $8m lower than all the proposals recieved. The information used to develop the Government's IGCE turned out to be apples to oranges compared to the actual requirement.
  7. Mickdu

    Ceiling Price

    If a solicitation goes out for an IDIQ contract with a Minimum and Maximum dollar amount, can the Maximum price be adjusted once the proposals have been submitted? For example, say every proposal was just about equally above the Maximum price set in the solicitation and it caused the Program Office to realized that they miscalulated their IGCE by using incorrect data. Would the Maximum ceiling price set in the solicitation be able to be adjusted for the contract award?
  8. Mickdu

    First Article Testing

    Yes they did comply to the best of my knowledge. I am trying to see if there is something I need to prepair for on the chance that the Government personnel did in fact use tighter restirctions then called for in the contract.
  9. Mickdu

    First Article Testing

    They are waiting for my decision. They are building canisters and without passing this test the Government cannot accept the cans. I have never been in this situation before and I don't know if it is better for me to tell them to stop work or take the chance that they could say that I am delaying the work by not responding.
  10. Mickdu

    First Article Testing

    This is a real situation. Only this isn't a FAT in the sense that it is taking place in the beginning of production. This FAT is taking place because the contractor had vandalism from the inside and we wanted to run another "abbreviated" FAT to make sure all the specs were correct. The contractor is stating that my team did far more then an abbreviated FAT and looked into aspects that weren't even covered during the initial FAT at the beginning of the contract.
  11. If a contractor is telling me that the reason they failed a FAT is because the government didn't follow the contract and used more stringent testing what can I do? My team that witnessed the testing is on another assignment and I won't be able to confirm anything for two weeks or more. I was thinking of issuing a stop-order.