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  1. Can you propose a FFP level-of-effort?
  2. Don Mansfield

    Solicitation questions and answers

    I don't think that you would be required to disclose your answer to other quoters. I've never thought of the problem of technical transfusion (i.e., revealing one offeror's technical solution to another offeror) in regards to answering questions about the solicitation, but I see that it could potentially happen.
  3. Don Mansfield

    Solicitation questions and answers

    Does the solicitation permit the use of an alternative material?
  4. Don Mansfield

    Use of 52.217-9 to extend IDIQ Ordering Period

    What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  5. Yes, we do. SBP 210: Subcontracting.
  6. An example would be using "Proposed Participation of Small Business" as an evaluation factor in source selection. There's an incentive for offerors to propose high participation to win the competition. However, during performance the contractor is only required to make a good faith effort to comply with its plan. When I researched this, I could not find a single case where the Government actually assessed liquidated damages for the contractor's failure to make a good faith effort to comply with its plan. That tells me that it is very hard to prove. I was told of an instance of NAVFAC doing this, but I think it's very rare. The changes that you reference will create more paperwork for contractors, but I don't think it will be enough to change behavior. The carrot for proposing high participation is significant, but the stick for failing to follow through is not.
  7. This is not uncommon. I think this happens because the Government creates incentives for contractors to behave this way.
  8. So, the issue is the prime says they are going to subcontract to you in their proposal to the Government, but during performance they don't. Correct?
  9. Don Mansfield

    DAU Matrix

    BostonStrong, I never thought about commercial subcontracts. I just looked at the particular clause and saw if it required flowdown to subcontracts. I would have to add a column for flowdown to commercial subcontracts. That wouldn't be that difficult. I'll put it on my list of things to do. Thanks for giving me the idea.
  10. Don Mansfield

    A Hiring Challenge

    1. Yes 2. Accept 3. Very Well
  11. Don Mansfield

    Probability Problem #2

    Not quite. I wanted to see how people would react to information about possible, but less probable, costs. jayandstacey reacted the way I think most contracting people would--they ignored it (I'm not picking on you, jayandstacey). I think standard practice when it comes to cost realism is to determine a most probable cost point and use that when making tradeoff decisions. There's no consideration given to how probable the most probable cost is, and what are the probabilities of other costs. An alternative to using the most probable cost is to use the expected value. This is what Matthew calculated. This takes into account every probable cost and its probability of occurring. Given a probability distribution function, we can calculate the expected value. In my opinion, that's a better number to use when making decisions than most probable cost. There's a good illustration of two different probability distributions in Figure 2 of this article: https://www.dau.mil/library/arj/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/library/arj/ARJ/arj62/Dorey_ARJ62.pdf&action=default Using most probable cost, we would favor the red cost estimate. However, if we factor in the probability of the all potential costs, both the blue and red cost estimates are equal.
  12. Don Mansfield

    Probability Problem #2

    Assume the method was reasonable. Not in my example. There's only two possible cost outcomes for each offeror. Please don't fight the hypothetical.
  13. Don Mansfield

    Master Degrees

    LucyQ, I have an MBA from the University of San Diego. Looking back, I think a JD or JD/MBA would have been a lot more valuable in my career.
  14. Don Mansfield

    Probability Problem #2

    So you think using the expected cost would be compliant with FAR 15.404-1(d)?
  15. Don Mansfield

    Probability Problem #2

    Assume the RFP says "We will perform cost realism analysis in accordance with FAR 15.404-1(d)".