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  1. How would you justify that your situation was not the result of a lack of advance planning by the requiring activity?
  2. contract type again

    carl, Why do you think that DoD is wrong in using an RFP? DFARS 208.405-70© discusses the receipt of offers, not quotations.
  3. "You can't be distracted by the noise of misinformation." -James Daly In my career as a contracting professional and now an educator, I have come to appreciate the growing body of misinformation in Federal contracting. Contracting misinformation is pervasive. You can see it in the popular press, periodicals dedicated to the contracting profession, in posts at the Wifcon forum, internal policy memoranda at a Government agency, etc. As I'm writing this, somewhere a senior contracting professional is imparting misinformation on a newbie, and the newbie is believing him. A certain amount of misinformation is understandable in Federal contracting, given the volumes of regulations and case law that govern Federal acquisition. I can accept that (it keeps me employed). However, certain contracting misinformation seems to resist any efforts to eradicate it. This class of misinformation has its origins in the operational contracting offices of the Federal Government and is usually created in the form of rules that have no basis in law or regulation, but sound like they do (especially when spoken by senior contracting professionals, legal counsel, or contract policy office personnel). It is this class of misinformation that is most aptly described as contracting "myth-information." As a service to my profession, I will attempt to bust some of the more popular contracting myth-information that I have heard. I've created my own list of myth-information and am collecting more from participants in the Wifcon discussion forum (thank you to those that have contributed). I'll try to debunk at least one myth per blog entry. If you think you have heard some contracting myth-information and would like to share with others, please contact me and I will include it in the blog. Think of the blog as a clearinghouse for busted contracting myth-information.
  4. The Ideal Contract Specialist

    Good stuff. I'm going to share this with my students.
  5. Federal Contracting Myths

    Gort, Of course, you could create fact-specific scenarios to make those statements true. However, many people believe some or most of these statements to be true as general propositions. They don't see the "shades of gray." As you learn more about earthlings, you will understand.
  6. Federal Contracting Myths

    Yes, I plan to.
  7. Federal Contracting Myths

    Gort, For example? Barada Nikto.
  8. Federal Contracting Myths

    Person without a clue (acronym coined by Vern).