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  1. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    Use artificial intelligence. Nothing says that the source selection authority must be human. I'm serious.
  2. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    Just thought of another one: For any program whose average PALT exceeds one year, a 1% incompetence tax is assessed to the program the following year (by withholding 1% of the program's budget). These funds are redsitributed to programs whose average PALT is less than one year in the preceding year. Funds are allocated based on the programs' average PALT (the lower the average PALT, the more $).
  3. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    Redskin Fan, No critiques yet. This is brainstorming. Hear, hear!
  4. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    1. Rescind DoD Mandatory Source Selection procedures. 2. When evaluating offeror capability, limit information to what can be verified (i.e., factual information). No essay-writing contests that require an offeror to explain how they intend to accomplish each task in the SOW. No technical/management proposals. No creative writing. No opportunities for salesmanship. 3. Increase use of the advisory multi-step process. Make it mandatory if you expect more than five proposals. 4. Take bid protest authority away from the GAO. Offerors can protest to the agency or the COFC. Decisions from either can be appealed to the CAFC.
  5. Acquisition Mentoring Program Survey

    A former student of mine is part of a team conducting a survey to gauge interest in a Mentoring program for Acquisition. If you work in federal acquisition and work for a federal agency (including DoD), please take a few minutes to complete the survey. The more junior you are, the better. From the team:
  6. Vern wrote an article in the Nash & Cibinic Report on this topic--SOLE SOURCE ACQUISITIONS--What Are The Proper Procedures?, 26 N&CR ¶ 12, March 2012. Here's a relevant excerpt: See also FAR 6.301(d): But must an agency prepare a solicitation when contracting on a sole-source basis? This question comes up from time to time in contracting office discourse, because as a practical matter a solicitation may be unnecessary. It is clear that the FAR contemplates the issuance of a solicitation in a sole-source acquisition. See, e.g., FAR 15.002(a): [...] And see FAR 6.302-1(d)(2): So when contracting on a sole-source basis a CO must (1) prepare some kind of solicitation that describes its requirements, (2) notify the public that it is available, (3) furnish it to others upon their request, and (4) consider any proposal or “capability statement” received.
  7. Not that I know of. Have you thought of saying thanks, but no thanks?
  8. DFARS 215.404-1 Update question

    Neil, The title of FAR 15.404-1(b) is "Price analysis for commercial and non-commercial items".
  9. Plan of Action for SB Goals

    You made certain assumptions when you established your goals, right? Explain what happened that you couldn't have reasonably expected (i.e., your mitigating factors) and how this affected meeting your goals. Cause and effect. Given what happened and the likelihood of it happening again in the future, describe what you plan to do differently in the future to meet your goals.
  10. DFARS 215.404-1 Update question

    Sure. That's not new. See FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(ii).
  11. Plan of Action for SB Goals

    Your plan should have identified what supplies/services you intended to subcontract to SDBs, WOSBs, and HUBZone SBs. Why didn't you buy the identified supplies/services from SDBs, WOSBs, and HUBZone SBs?
  12. Have you read FAR 27.202 and FAR 27.302?
  13. I don't understand that. Why wouldn't there be a funds citation? Wouldn't there have to be sufficient appropriated funds to cover the obligation?