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  1. Evaluation Factors

    ContractingCowboi, So, what you're saying is that it really doesn't matter if I follow my staffing plan, what matters is that I comply with the contract terms, correct? If you're going to respond, please don't ramble.
  2. Evaluation Factors

    Really? What if I don't follow my "staffing plan", but I perform the contract successfully (everything delivered on time, nothing lost, etc.)? How would you justify a negative CPARS?
  3. Evaluation Factors

    If I hire a good enough writer, I'm fairly confident I could win a contract for courier services. "At DonCo, we have a database of individuals fully qualified couriers in the event of staff loss. Once an employee leaves, we will either utilize that database, or relocate another already employed individual to the performance location, and can fill the position within 15 days."
  4. I'm going through a mid-life crisis, ok? Some guys go out and buy sports cars to feel young, I read books about math. I used to want to be an actuary. That is my road not taken.
  5. Fee on Negotiated Changes

    This discussion reminds me of Robert Axelrod's game theory experiments.
  6. Probability Problem #1

    FrankJon and Matthew are correct. I used FrankJon's method, but Matthew's method works, too.
  7. There were worthwhile discussions of the ability to learn. Fascinating discussion of the use of neural networks to solve different problems. However, the book is 10 years old so I suspect the technology is more advanced today. I still recommend it.
  8. I've become a believer in AI, too, after reading Supercrunchers by Ian Ayres. I would like to see the use of a nonhuman source selection authority in my lifetime.
  9. Evaluation Factors

    I seriously doubt your submission requirements are consistent with customary commercial practice. Have you done any market research to determine how courier services are customarily bought and sold? Do other buyers in this market require the submission of "QCP/Contract manager's resume/complete package submitted/technical approach to performance" from potential sellers?
  10. Probability Problem #1

    I want to see if Vern is going to change his answer, based on my response to him. I'll post the answer by the end of the day.
  11. Probability Problem #1

    Oops. I meant 20%. Purely mathematical.
  12. Probability Problem #1

    Yes. You have a 20% chance of winning your case at the COFC, and a 20% chance of winning your case at the CAFC. I'm saving conditional probabilities for a future problem.
  13. Probability Problem #1

    Carl, Did you use math to arrive at your answer?
  14. Scenario: Assume you are an interested party who would like to file a protest against an agency. You intend to start with an agency protest, then if you lose file a GAO protest, then if you lose file a COFC protest, then if you lose file an appeal at the CAFC. You have a 20% chance of winning at each forum. Question: What is the probability that you will win in at least one forum?