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  1. joel, Here is the relevant excerpt from the Pricing Guides: Italics added for emphasis.
  2. Generally, the Government wouldn't take into account differing transportation costs when the delivery terms are FOB destination. See Volume I, Subchapter 5.4, of the Contract Pricing Reference Guides regarding transportation costs.
  3. I don't think you could eliminate anyone from the competition based on the RFI responses, without justifying other than full and open competition. However, you could advise the potential offerors where they stand, as described in FAR 15.202(b). If someone were notified that they wouldn't be a viable competitor and still submitted an offer, and you received offers from the three offerors that you invited to compete, then you could eliminate the one you didn't invite for purposes of efficiency IAW FAR 15.306(c)(2).
  4. Yes, it was odd. I read about this yesterday. I don't get why they did it.
  5. The purpose of this poll is to determine how common the use of other than firm-fixed-price contracts is when using simplified acquisition procedures.
  6. Yes, we would. Send me a PM.
  7. If you want to see what it looks like graphically, you can use this: FPIF-CPIF Calculator-Grapher 20120817.xlsx
  8. Vern, Do you think the contractor would still be required to provide the REA certification that ji referred to if the adjustment exceeded the SAT?
  9. You think a 50/50 share line is flatter than an 80/20 share line?
  10. Lionel, So are you saying that, absent an affirmative statement by the contractor, the Government should not release unit pricing in a debriefing? What if the solicitation contained more than just a notice? For example, "By submission of its offer, the offeror hereby consents to the release of its unit prices in a postaward debriefing. If the offeror objects to granting such consent, they shall notify the contracting officer..." or something like that. Would that scratch your "affirmative statement by the contractor" itch?
  11. I don't think writing the D&F is the issue--it's getting the approval.
  12. I don't think it's safe to assume that a unit price is or is not exempt from release under FOIA. According to the Department of Justice FOIA Guide: My advice would be to put a notice in the solicitation that the Government intends to disclose the successful offeror's unit prices in the postaward debriefing. If the offeror objects to the intended disclosure, please notify us and provide rationale. This way, we can get the FOIA issue out of the way prior to the postaward debriefing.
  13. What if this figure is a trade secret? Is it still "releasable"?
  14. You can subscribe to the Federal Register under the topic of "Government Procurement":