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    BPA's vs. IDIQ's: What's the difference???

    On my experience, most of IDIQ's for engineering services on my Agency have options from 2-4 plus base. I really appreciate if everybody elaborates their reasons why options are not a good idea on IDIQ's? I also have seen BPA's for supplies and services with options as DELL, HP, Xerox, etc. Is it because we are limiting competition with the implementation of options?
  2. What is the difference between a BPA and IDIQ? BPA's - SAP (supplies, services, R&D), construction. No administrative burden. IDIQ - above SAP (supplies, services, R&D, construction) Single or MAC. Requires administration of options. Please, someone give a me a little light on this...
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    We have a cost plus award fee contract that cover 6 different areas of the Installation, the Contractor is requesting to buy a piece of supply for one of the Divisions. Funds were included already in the contract when the option year was exercised. To approve this request, can I used a notice to proceed, in which I expecify the funds not to exceed amount and the APC code to be charge or do I need to do it using a SF-30? Please advice.