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  1. A patently ludicrous question, like asking someone to name their favorite word. There are so many....
  2. I think the writer's assertions/judgments are suspect. For example: Article says: "Here are three tests to decide whether you may ethically break a rule. 1. Will you gain a personal benefit? 2. Is it taking the easy way out? 3. Is it serving the cause of justice?" Even by the article writer's tests, the admin assistant doesn't pass. The personal benefit she reaps is pleasing the powers that be, and that is not a minor benefit. In the end, she gets a pat on the head (or more) from the agency head. Not sure about 2. or 3., either....
  3. Years ago I was with a group that met with GSA concerning GSA Advantage! I must confess I was taken aback by the GSA representative's very positive response when I noted that I always solicited and got better spot pricing from GSA vendors than the pricing listed in Advantage!. GSA could do itself a favor by publicizing this more.
  4. Can you say "other duties as assigned?"--putting aside consideration of OPM rules known best to OPM and government HR departments....
  5. "I tried it in a number of combinations that I can't remember now. It was pretty much luck that I stumbled on the Supreme Court's decision." There's some effort and thought currently to find ways to leverage the web to make information already out there more accessible and usable. Here's an interesting presentation by Tim Berners-Lee on that topic: http://www.ted.com/talks/tim_berners_lee_o...e_next_web.html
  6. "The Supreme Court addressed the construction: "knowingly [verb] [object]" in IGNACIO CARLOS FLORES-FIGUEROA,PETITIONER v. UNITED STATES, 556 U..S. _____ (2009) http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/08-108.ZO.html." Point of inquiry to Vern: how did you find this? A data base search on the term "knowingly?"
  7. "I didn't see where I could submit something for comment." Good point. I would try this: Professor Geoffrey K. Pullum PPLS, Dugald Stewart Building 3 Charles Street Edinburgh EH8 9AD United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)131 650 3603 Fax: +44(0)131 650 6883 Departmental web page: http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk Email: <pullum @ gmail?com> for Language Log correspondence "By the way--my student she was very sincere and reasonable. She wasn't blowing smoke. It was an intelligent discussion, which I enjoyed very much." I should have added a winking smilie--knew that. My "blowing smoke" comment was random provocation, a weakness of mine. Good, lively classroom discussion is something all good teachers live for....
  8. "She bases her assertion on her claim of the existence of a grammatical rule or legal rule of interpretation that she can't identify." I'm surprised that Vern accepted, even for the sake of argument, this obvious blowing of smoke. I would submit the supposedly ambiguous language to the linguists at Language Log (or similar specialists) for their take. http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/
  9. Should note that, for Feds, buying bottled water is a longstanding no-no, unless the local water is non-potable. A fairly recently GAO decision that includes a description this prohibition: http://www.gao.gov/decisions/appro/303920.htm Locally, we bought bottled water for emergency purposes after 9/11, based on a special determination that we'd only open the bottles if the local water was determined to be non-potable.
  10. You guys are livin' in the past. GSA replaced the MOL years ago with the MOT. Are there still GSA contracts with MOLs? Here's GSA's take on MOTs: http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/contentVi...10779&noc=T [see paragraph near bottom]
  11. I think the fundamental distinction in this has to be between those who are willing to get their feet wet and possibly muddy [Army], and those who aren't [Navy]. The Marines clearly fit into the first category.
  12. Found out recently my mother served with the Army Air Corps in Massachusetts in WWII.... It could happen again....
  13. From the cited article's description of the Army FOIA court ruling that line item pricing should be released: "....[C]ontrary to its actions regarding his client's FOIA request, the Army had previously made Southern Coach's leasing contract, including its rates, available in response to a similar FOIA request by another competitor. Hecht said his client "had no problem" with that. But, the lawyer added, Southern Coach expects equal treatment regarding its own request for what should be a public record."
  14. "?.[A]ssigning individuals to specific agencies seems like a 20th Century bureaucratic response. A 21st Century approach might be to hire individuals to serve agencies across government on a where-needed basis. One example would be to create a governmentwide acquisition corps. It is clear that when government decides it needs a procurement workforce, it will require a larger corps of individuals trained and skilled in acquisition. The new corps would be deployed across government, bringing expertise that might not be available at a specific agency." --Mark A. Abramson, president of Leadership Inc. http://www.govexec.com/story_page.cfm?arti...;dcn=todaysnews
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